Move back AMX 50 (TO90) and Char 25T to 7.7

I don’t see the reason why those vehicles have been moved when they seem great at 7.7, it seems unfair that the Somua SM stayed at 7.7 instead of the AMX 50 Char turret and the Char 25T itself.


Gaijin uses comprehensive data analysis to modify the Battle Ratings (BR) of tanks and aircraft in War Thunder. Notably, in recent adjustments, only the American variant of the P-51 saw an increase in its Battle Rating, sparking attention. Although players choosing French vehicles are comparatively scarce in the game, they showcase exceptional performance at these particular Battle Ratings. This provides Gaijin with reasonable grounds to elevate the Battle Ratings of these French vehicles.

Isnt there already a thread about these 2 tanks somewhere?

If you want tanks to go down in BR you need to play worse.

Gaijin doesn’t balance vehicles around characteristics, they balance around performance.