Mouse wheel zoom sensitivity

Been using an old laptop for a while (60fps) and just moved to a new fast desktop (500+ fps). Even with the multiplier set to 100 % I have to roll the wheel like 10 times to zoom in and out. Use to be just like 2/3 turn or so… I just found this on the old forum:

Anyone else having this problem, or have a solution? Tried changing my mouse settings on my desktop as well as the multiplier in game.

ADDED:… Just tried a plane, and it took 20 rolls of the mouse wheel to get the throttle from 0 to 100%… With the multiplier at 100%


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+1 for heli user here

I just have it keybound to snap from 0 to 100% zoom.

Got it figured out… Found an old youtube video that gave file editing basics, and took it from there…

Go to your controls page, and export the settings
Open that file in a text editor
Look for these entries:


5 is what I like for plane throttle, and 7 for tank zoom. Didn’t mess with the others.

Save the file
go back to controls page and import the file you just edited
play and enjoy

You’re welcome.


Jamming that helicopter thing up to 10,000

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