Mouse aim debuff

I wonder how many people have it.

This is a rather strange way to balance the game.

Tell me why I should buy a premium plane if I don’t hit anything with it.

It could almost be considered as a scam.

Are you trying to rob me?

What do you mean by that?

banished to the shadow realm? thats cheating. how dare you.

No I mean what does debuff mean?

google it

Shucks I was hopping you would be my google

Ah ok. It’s a bug probably. Also debuff means "temporally nerfed or caused by something you did or interacted with in a game that effects your stats/gameplay ". So I think you meant nerf not debuff

bug, right? the rules have to be the same for everyone, especially if you want money for it.

Can you imagine a tournament with such a bug? do you?

Yes I can. Can you imagine a tournament without that bug?

So you mean the limited max pitch while using mouse aim? Yeah it should be the same as simulator aiming. Sucks that your input method changes the performance of your plane…

yes. all mouse players play on energy and consolists/joysticks on maneuvers in RB AIR, if they’re smart. but there is no solution to dodge cross off the target.