Morris CS8 mit 7,5 cm Le.I.G 18 L/12

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I would like to suggest this Field mod of a captured british Morris CS8 light truck armed with a german 7,5 cm Leichten Infanterie Geschütz 18 L/12.
It would offer a nimble somewhat small truck with a fast fireing armarment of a special kind, but more about the gun below. It would show the need of the german army to capture and reuse captured equipment and vehicles such as this british Morris CS8 and equip them even with cannons to fill the own holes. At the lower ranks this would act as a fast fireing support gun from advantages position that can be reached by speed and nimbleness.

The Morris Commercial CS8 was a british light truck for the military introduced in 1934 with a small carrieng capcity of mere 760 kg but was the most common vehicle of its kind in the british army and produced form 1934 till 1941 with 21.319 total. It was further modified and introduced in different usages as well.

Pictures:(Click to show)



The Gun:
7,5 cm Le.I.G 18 L/12
Elevation: -10° to +75° Traverse: +/-12° Reload: 3 secs (or faster for ballancing, cince it is very small ammo, no kinetic rounds and very low velocity) and 8mm Armored shield.

The smaller brother to the allready in game 15 cm s.I.G 33 L/12.
It was a light infantry support weapon and even smaller and lighter than the allready familiar 7,5 cm KwK 37 L/24, just even smaller and special in multiple ways.
With development in 1927, the name 18 was a mere trickery duo the versailles treaty prohibiting the german army to develop new guns and making it instead look like a late WW1 development.
It came with a armored shield with round edges and in 2 variants, with wooden wheels or pneumatic. There was also a Gebirgs variant that could be broken down into 6 to 10 pieces for easy transport.
Designed to be used along the 3,7 cm Pak L/45 to support infantry and multy tasking (with Heat shells later on) it could be used in a multitude of rolls duo to its designe.

Its designe is quite special as it doesnt have a moving breechblock, instead the Barrle is like a break action, moving up.

Pictures and Film about the gun:(Click to show)

In a sence it could be considdered a keypiece between mortars and guns, because of its elevation of -10° to 75° and its Semi fixed ammo (except HEAT shells had fixed shells as they were allways fired at full charge as well as to speed up) with 1-5 charges the ammo could be fired at 95 m/s and 500m range to 221 m/s and 3500m as such it could be prepared to fire at high angle indirectly like a mortar with charge 1 rounds with up to 20 rpm (3 sec reload or even higher cince it lacks any kinetic rounds and is very low velocity)

In game it could be then used to fire HEAT shells with great penetration (115mm/all ranges) at high RPM from good positions or over obsticals at singe enemys or multiple as well as fire a great amount of smoke shells to obstuct enemys, create smoke screens to either hinder the enemy or conseal your own troops advances. If you feel lucky you could even try shooting some biplanes.

It has 6 Shells, however only 3 should be implemented which i show below, the rest are mere different versions that are game play wise worse, the 5th is a incendary verion and the 6th is a mere indicator round.

7,5 cm I.Gr. 18 (Bo.Pr) HE (no Tracer) 5,45 kg 680g Fp.02 und Np.10 (870,4g TnTa) 212-220 m/s

Bo.Pr stands for Bohr Pressstrahl (Drilled and pressed steel, these were cheap alternatives to increase production beyond standart ammo)

7,5 cm I.Gr. 38 Hl/A HEAT (no Tracer) 2,85 kg 520g H.5 (884g TnTa) 220-250 m/s 115mm/10m


7,5 cm I.Gr. 18 Nb Smoke (no Tracer) 5,5 kg 50g Smoke stuff 212-220m/s


The Vehicle:
Weight: 1,94 Ton (+ 570 kg of the Le.I.G 18)
Length / Width: 4,22m / 1,93 m
Engine: 60 Hp at 2800 rpm
Speed: 64 km/h
Armor: Gunshield angled 8mm

Munition des 7,5 cm le.I.G 18
Geschossringbuch I
Military Intelligence Service, Special Series No. 14, May 25, 1943 USA War Department

Manual of the Morris CS8
Further interest make shore to also check out this video:


Such a silly cannon, +1 at 1.0-2.0

I had started to write up a suggestion about this and never finished it, nice to see someone actually suggest it. The HEAT rounds thankfully makes it usable for AT.

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+1 for the lil goblin.

I hate goblin tanks +1

This is the goofiest thing I’ve ever seen. +1

In the video is also a captured CS8 Morris.