More of Radar Missiles

Again, what did the aim7 see?


He went to fight God (the air). Do not interfere.


It saw a ufo with activated optical camouflage, and went to intercept it.

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Probably the same thing as my missile as well.

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sometimes i really don’t understand how radar missile even work in this game.

Thats the neat part, no one does.
Just remember that the game runs on the Spit vs Me code. I will keep saying that untill they remeke the code, so for a long time.

Gaijin is obviously dragging the legacy code/game modes as far as they can, since the name of the game is to make the biggest amount of money with least work possible.

Some people don’t really realize in what state ARB truly is at, hence so many β€œgib Rafale/EF/AIM-120 etc.” threads are active at all times.
It looks like most people want new toys, regardless in what state they come in and Gaijin is surely happy to give them what they want.


I doubt their code does a good job approximating spitfire vs messerschmitt combat to be honest. There is no way they are doing a good job with high performance fighter jets, especially as we approach modern equipment.

Wow, a big wall came out, i was not expecting that.

Yea, the thing is the alright for that time code is getting new and new lines added on top of it, causing the β€œspaghetti” and resaulting in things breaking over and over and over again. And i do not mean that things breaking is something unusual, but in war thunder it happens over the norm and seems to take unusual amount of time.
Here is an example of a leftover of the old code. Planes with VTOL have their thrust increased while doing so, because with their normal thrust they were unable to hover and fell out of the sky. Why cant game keep the plane in place, when the amount of data it has to proces deincrease from everything that is present during normal flight(air density, wings resistance, horizontal speed, wings lift etc.) to plane mass and thrust, the only things that matter for the game while doing vtol. No one knows why it does that, but it is fixed by boosting the vtol thrust. I wonder if for example a core of the code, that had no vtol ever planned on it could be causing that. But im no game designer to know such things.

They broke SARH missiles again in this major update. It was some what fixed in the last major update but this update ruined it again.