Monthly Decals

I enjoyed collecting decals by monthly challanges, but now there is not them maybe.
I really want them;)


I also want that the monthly decals will come back.
I do not know why Gaijin has removed them .


I want Gaijin to bring back the 1st Armored Division “Old Ironsides” like some players said they use to have.

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Like I already said in the old forums, "1st Armored Division - Old Ironsides” -decal was tied to ownership of M2A4 premium tank. You still can get the tank and possibly the decal by using a referral link from Youtubers that offer registration link bonus. List is found in this thread:

I served in the 1st Armored Division and should not have to have to purchase a vehicle for the decal I should be able to buy it like Spearhead and Hell on Wheels.

You don’t have to spend any money on it, M2A4+Galer’s F3F+PT-3 are FREE to anyone who logs in one time using Youtuber referral link from the linked list that has registration bonus. Only downside is that old accounts cannot get the 3 day premium and you have to do it three times with different youtuber links if you want all three vehicles.

Edit: Looks like the latest youtuber links at the end of the linked list give all three at once and the PewPewDie’s link should give Swedish stuff instead.

Gaijin never responded on the old forum, I’d really love to get monthly decals back, these decals tend to get me out of my comfort zone and have me play vehicles which I normally would probably not consider playing.

Could we at least please get an answer, if they’re ever coming back or just got scrapped?


@Smin1080p do you know something about the Decals?

So many historical decals are still missing. Some German kampfgeschwader ones would be lovely.

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I agree.
And I want several countries’s one.
Like Spain, Iran, Korea…

Well since it was said by him on the old forums ill just quote what he said on June 16th on the thread about why the authentic decals had yet to return, I also included the link to that statement

“At the moment we don’t have any news on the return of this series. It’s not something currently planned in the close future.”


A shame really :/

Missed that on the old forum, would have come across eventually if they hadn’t changed forums, they kept silent for ages, just said something about it shortly before changing forums… I got Gaijined, I guess.

To me the saddest thing about that it is that they won’t even take a bare minimum option where they just continue it but they only do existing decals and no new ones since its still better than nothing and would require no effort and honestly I don’t see any positives of just not doing them altogether than just only rereleasing existing decals, sure people would still ask why they wouldn’t be new ones if they were doing even that but it still would be better than this.


With the amount of decals used in the past, they can easily rerun the entire collection with no difficulties.

So @Smin1080p when we can expect such a reintroduction of this mechanic feature ? Any updates ?

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At the moment we don’t have plans to return it for now.

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Thank you for the answer @Smin1080p.

I’m still mad I missed out on so many cool decals.

Same for me… Wish we can have a access for this decals.