Exclusive YouTuber/Content Creator Decals & Decorations

This topic will run you through the process of getting YouTuber / Content Creator decals and decorations. Quite a few Content Creators have their own decals with a few different ways of obtaining them. Let’s get started!

Below you will find a complete and up-to-date list of all the known decals and decorators from the War Thunder Content Creators and similar sources!

A lot of work went into this project and it continues almost every week, feel free to share if you found it useful! I had some help, and those generous contributors are listed on our Discord, which can be found on the table. Leave a comment on this topic if you have any questions!

Obtainment Methods

There exists several different types of obtainment methods, they are explained below.

Gaijin Store Discount (Paid)
Some content creators have special links which lead to a 3% discount on the Gaijin Store. These creators are typically Gaijin content partners. Along with anything you purchase on the store, you will get their applicable decal. Here’s a tip… if you’re just looking to get the decal, buy 150 GE. You get a little GE, and a decal!

Please be careful – These discount offers last for one whole hour. They do NOT overlap. You MUST wait one full hour before using another link for another decal.

You can usually find their discount links in the descriptions of their videos. Check recent uploads. If ever in doubt if you want to see all of them, check the table!

Registration Link Bonus (Free)
Some creators will have a special link that leads to a sign-up page (or login page). If you already have an acco8unt, simply sign in and redeem the bonus. You can select a premium vehicle too, but please note that it will not grant you the extra bonuses if you already have an account. A decal should be listed on the offer too, so this will verify that you are using the correct link and getting the desired decal.

Like the discount, you can usually find these links in the descriptions of their videos. Typically content creators who are not regular War Thunder CC’s have these kinds of links, like PewDiePie and Russian Badger.

Redeemable Code (Free)
This is the least common type of obtainment method. If you come across one though on the table, simply enter the code into the Activation page on the Gaijin Store and you will receive your decal in-game!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it that when I use another discount link, it does not give me a decal?
You need to wait one whole hour before using another discount link on the Gaijin Store, even if you have already used the previous one.

I’m on a console account, can I get these too? / Are these rewards PC Exclusive?
You can get the vast majority of them if you are using a console account, yes! The only ones you unfortunately can’t get are the ones tied to specific store packs. On the table, these will be marked as “Gaijin Store Pack” items.

I found an issue with the table, where can I report it to you?
Feel free to leave a comment on this post or join our Discord and report it there. You can find the Discord linked on the table.

All content creator decals appear under the “Special → Logotypes” section. All content creator decorations appear under the “Other” section. If you cannot find it, restart your game.

If you encounter any issues during the process of obtaining a decal or decoration, or if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and tag me! Please note that we cannot assist with account related issues. For those, you must contact Gaijin Support.


The HollaDieWaldfee Discount Decal appears to be broken again. No decal received and its been well over 48 hours.

Thank you for the notice. I will update the table with a note until confirmation can be made from multiple people.

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PINK got a CC Decal which is also since a few weeks aviable

Thank you