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If you have any respect for your player base, remove the modification research system or just make it all open. I already spend hours to open a vehicle in the game, I open the vehicle.After researching, you can’t enjoy it again for a certain period of time because you don’t have modifications and you only enter the game to die.You are already taking enough of people’s time, at least remove this ridiculous modification research and our work will be a little lighter :)

Will not happen. Premium vehicles help you unlock vehicles faster than normal and they want the players who are impatient to sit at the module research screen with all their newly unlocked toys and suffer until they buy talismans or unlock modules with GE. This is a deliberate element of their monetization system so that players can pay for convenience/power.


Yooo, another level of copium.
How about asking devs to give everything for free like, instantly?
If you can’t get your grind right in a game I don’t see you having any grind in ur life either.


And so Gaijin can pay their bills. The company provides a product and those that “pay” actually cover the costs for those that don’t.


Goes to used car dealership
complains that the car isnt brand new

You could spend more, using GE, to get a brand new, fully upgraded, car.

Unlike your analogy, gaijin is not promising you a new/fully upgraded tank.

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Funny how people forget that if Gaijin doesn’t have an income, the game would shut down…

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Weird… Gaijin is from Hungary, and I don’t believe it’s a communist country. Careful, your personality is showing.

Your analogy is even dumber. Does a used car cost more? Because the math in game checks out. In game it’s harder to obtain a so called “used car”. Time=Money

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Ignorance, sure. Thank you for letting me know Hungary is a communist country.

Being from somewhere, doesn’t make you that type. They left many years ago. Opened office there and Germany(I’m not sure if they still have the one in Cyprus?) Saying someone is a certain way because of where they are born/from is just a really bad way to move about life. Am I stupid? I mean, does my opinion matter when you feel the need to be filled with hate and want to lash out at people? Likely not. So believe what you want.

You claimed they are Hungarian, which they are clearly not.

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They are from Hungary. They moved there over 10 years ago. I think it’s okay to say they are Hungary based since that is where they’ve been for over half their time being open.

You don’t even know where the air hits you. A hint … Google or Amazon are from Ireland ? Because they are based in Europe? hahaha

I doubt you have ‘any grind in your life’ if you value your time so little.


Not sure what mods have to do with

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Well… we Moderators are not the Developers for starters ^^

In the War, some air crews were rather troublesome, and they tend to get into trouble and for punishment they were not awarded the best equipment… they were given the outdated stuff to work with, so they actually had to do with what they were given…

Some air crews had been resourceful enough and managed to either buy or trade parts on the black market to upgrade their aircraft… This is also a common theme in some war movies in the past, hell even M.A.S.H. or Sci-fi shows even played around with that concept in their shows too

Some other Crews had even made their own field modifications as well to improve certain things that were not standard, great example can be seen from RAAF B-25 crews that had basically rounded up all the guns on the base that were either from written off aircraft or wrecks, or just were not being used and they arranged all types of guns in the nose of their B-25s in all sorts of non standard configurations in hopes so they could strafe enemy shipping or enemy bases more effectively… they had used any thing from 303s, 50 cals, 37mm cannons… just anything that was lying around on the base

Also, for the most part, not all modifications were released at the exact same time as a certain variant of a Aircraft… so some modifications were later developed for that aircraft, so the Radar may have been improved compared to the stock version, the Guns or weapon pylons were adapted for that aircraft and so you now have more weapons available

So, the whole thing with Modifications in the first place is based of those kind of instances or legends… they are just something to work towards to improve your Tank, Plane or Ship


1- moderators have 0/none/nada/niet impact on the game features

2- it will never happen

3- your post is not even close an argumented feedback,…


This is true and my own Father ran a very successful Tires for Beer sideline with American servicemen during the Cyprus problems in the 50s.

I quite enjoy modding the vehicles now. Forces me to be careful and look around more which was always my issue.


There are enough vehicles in game that this is a component of it that could be completely removed. They took the same model as WoT and ran with it. A decade ago it made sense and was somewhat rewarding, now wiht so many vehicles and premium vehicles it’s a waste.

The only issue I have with it now is the vehicle BR is misrepresented between a vehicle aced vs stock. There are some stock vehicles that are worse than their predecessor that’s aced. I wonder if a dynamic BR would fix this.

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