Mobile artillery

This is what this game needs for mobile artillery! The M7 calls to fire nearby artillery units via a digital battle management system. There is an identification system which prevents calling fire on friendly units. On a number of occasions the M7 demonstrated that it can put precision indirect fire on the target with standard 155 mm artillery shells. Standard shells land within 50 meters from the designated target. In case with guided munitions, it illuminates the target by a laser beam, allowing the laser-guided munitions to detect and hit the target. Furthermore this armored vehicle can target artillery while on the move. The M7 features a dramatic improvement over the previous M981 forward observation vehicle or the M-901. These Are going to be the only vehicles that would be allowed two call artillery from the M109 or any other mobile artillery pieces


No it doesn’t.


Yes, they do War Thunder puts mobile artillery pieces in the game and they should do it right and why are you afraid of a little competition dropping artillery on your head they are not tank destroyers and that is what’s wrong with this game! What I’d like to see is the timeline changed for tanks of that time to go up against tanks and planes in that timeline not tanks and planes of World War 2 going up against tanks and planes of Vietnam and not Vietnam tanks going up against tanks and planes against today tanks and planes of today because it didn’t happen yeah I know but this is just a game but this game can stay within the confines of the timeline don’t you agree it’s just like radar cannot see through trees our buildings but it does in this game all the time it’s just like missiles going through trees it can’t happen the first tree they hit they’ll explode part of the ground you know I can go on all day about what’s wrong with this game because they can’t get it right this game can be so much better and more fun here they would open the maps up all the way to the edge of the maps and quit putting big boulders for tanks can’t go back when they first came out with tanks in this game it was more fun because you can find sniping spots on the mat then they started putting up barriers or big rocks to where you couldn’t get to them anymore now they’re making the map smaller which is BS they’re going to be like World of Tanks here before too long and that game sucks


I’d rather have artillery as it is now, and let people do proper artillery as seen with teammates / drone markers.

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There is no mobile artillery in this game! except for medium tanks and light and modern tanks in the game but not on tank destroyers or heavy tanks so why did they put mobile artillery pieces in the game like the M109 they are not tank destroyers they are mobile artillery pieces if you don’t believe me Google it!

And do you expect gaijin to add +20km maps so you can actually use artillery like you seems to fantasize? I don’t think many people want Tank battles turned into drive 10km first and then get bombed by CAS simulator

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If War Thunder’s ground maps ever become large enough for this style of coordination then yeah I’m all game. Gaijin doesn’t seem interested though as the majority of top tier maps remain knife fights.

They tested this a couple times and it didnt work out each time.

While true, people wanted it in the game for a while so now its here. As the other guy said, maps are not nearly large enough. We would need 30kmX30km maps first.

They don’t have to be 20km maps! World of Tanks is a lot smaller maps than what we have here on War Thunder don’t be so naive

Make All World II Tank BR 5 and no other tanks join in that Game are fighter planes it’s just that easy. Are do it by eras like WWI and WWII Korean War are the Vietnam War are Modern Warfare Tanks and fighter planes in that category

You have two options. 1: allow arty to hit your spawn from their spawn. 2: give arty a nerfed range.

Creating more top tiers is not a healthy thing to do. Not to mention the number of tanks made unusable in such a format.

Well in WOT artillery guns don’t have realistic ballistics.
155mm even using charge 1 from first cartridge goes only down to 301m/s so you’re still going to shoot pretty much direct fire in maps that we have in WT.

Also I still ask how many players do you think are going to play this WOT 2.0 artillery? I doubt not many.
You’re trying to add “Realistic arty” into game that lacks realistic battle maps and has normal map size of 2-5km across. So no, not going to happen. If you want to play artillery like that go play WOT and let us enjoy our 155mm NATO tank destroyers.

They are not tank destroyers can’t you get that through your head that’s the whole problem with this game they put things in that don’t exist As Tank destroyers and if they keep doing this they’re going to get sued for false advertising War Thunder said this is the most realistic game that you could play and it’s not by what they are doing if I had enough money I’d be filing suit against them End of story!!! So if you could show me where mobile artillery is used as tank destroyers, and I mean head-to-head tank destroyers and I mean not dropping it on top of the tank I will shut up

Sued for False advertising, hahaha. That is the best joke I have heard this year and it has only just begun.
Yeah IRL they’re not Tank destroyers but nobody cares. In real life they’re not also used against planes, but in WT they are. In real life SPAAs were not driving around battlefields looking for tanks with weak side armor to kill. In real life tanks didn’t load just AP or other specific round. In real life there are infantry and other troops on battlefield and not just tanks and airplanes.

How dense are you that you think Warthunder is real life?

Also artillery guns have direct sights for a reason. They are there if they have to do direct fire role that might include destroying bunkers, buildings or in a emergency TANKS! Yeah in WT they fall under Tank destroyer designation, because we don’t have special designation like airplanes have. We don’t have assault tank, SPHs, armored cars or Engineering vehicles as designation. We have tanks and tank destroyers and I think 99% people think M109 and other SPHs fall much better under TD then Tank designation.

But sure go ahead a sue WT for “False advertising”. I want to see that court who takes that claim seriously.

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And one more thing go to the testing map and aim straight up in the air with a M109 and I bet that 155mm round never comes back down I’ll bet you $10 to a donut that it doesn’t I know I tried I tried firing or smoke round straight up in the air and it left earth orbit because it never came back down! But yeah planes can drop bombs from 30,000 feet and they hit the ground

I said if I had the money, But I don’t but if I did I would and I would win because I can prove it and that’s all you need in court is to be able to prove it and I surely can and like I said if you can prove to me that a mobile artillery piece is a tank destroyer I will drop my whole argument!

You can’t serious? Of course you won’t see the shell land because you’re not firing straight up.
M109A1 has max elevation +75 degree and with velocity of 684m/s that shell is going to land somewhere +23km away. So unless you were on a mountain that you could see to 23km away you wouldn’t be even able to see the shell land. My calculation didn’t take into account other shell properties so somebody else can probably get more accurate distance, but still that shell is not going to land anywhere near WT test range.

Also I doubt court thinks “most realistic game that you could play” means that everything has to be 100% same as in real life. World of warships and other games have also marketed themselves as realistic games and WOWS has healthbars that I think real life ships lacks,dunno have to check next time I go see a warship.

Man you’re really funny don’t you think I thought of that and Drove up the side of a bank so my main gun tube was straight up and down you know I’m not dumb I am an armor specialist and I was in the US army for nine years and I’m a master gunner Man

So then pls tell us how did you calculate that your barrel was pointing straight up and not example 86°?
Because I doubt you made sure that the angle was precisely 90°.
Because in 86° you’re going to see shell land 6km away and at 88° +3km away.

Also I quote Nicholas Moran here. “Who am I and why should you care. I’m a armored officer…this means nothing. What’s that got to do with the price of fish? You might know one end of tank from other”

So yeah, I don’t care even if you were General Vilho Nenonen.

I’ve fired 10 smoke rounds straight up in the air and not one of them landed anywhere on the map I could see a long way on the map it should have landed somewhere in front of me but not one of them fell on the map because I would have seen it