Mixed battles air map sizes and SAM systems

I wonder who thought of that very bright idea that it’s fine to put MACH 2+ jets on a map barely 40km wide with a SAM system of the enemy that has 20km range sitting in the middle of it covering the whole map AND THEN spawn the said planes 15km from that 20km range SAM ? And who needed that Pantsir-S1 when they could have just added TOR-M1. But wait there is MORE ! Which is the only top tier AAA which have guns who can shred a tank or a plane from 2km away?!? Pretty much all the nations now EXCEPT you know WHO CAN’T deal with low flying planes of YOU KNOW WHO coz their AAAs have no guns. And that YOU KNOW WHO just got like 2 premium and who knows how many in the tree low flying ground attackers. But wait there is more! They nerfed ALL the AAA missiles so now their 30G feels like 2G at most and you can’t even shoot Su-25(39) flying directly towards you if it barely turns. I wonder why!

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