Mixed arcade air and naval battles

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Hi everyone. I’ve been playing war thunder for a very long time now and I’ve always felt that the battle of midway was really awesome in terms of how airplanes and ships were used to fight. My suggestion is for an arcade game mode which combines naval and air.
The reasons for this are the following:

  1. Arcade is the most popular and populated game mode by far (especially air arcade)

  2. Naval battles (from my experience as a naval newbie) seem to suffer from a lack of players. I got placed in battles with mostly bots

  3. It would create a more fast pased game mode with a sense of urgency as well as get people more interested in naval battles and it would give naval aircraft more of a purpose rather than just being an alternative to the land based version of the plane ex. Seafire vs spitfire, hurricane vs sea hurricane

  4. It would give bombers and strike aircraft more of a reason to exist as currently in air arcade battle bombers and strike aircraft are not effective especially with the air domination and airfield domination game modes.

  5. It would allow you to grind both your naval and air tech trees at the same time and allow you to bring both ships and aircraft.

  6. It would bring something new, exciting and fun to the casual players that make up a majority of the playerbase.

Thank you so much for reading, and have a great day.

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Given that it would be applicable only for airplanes in BR ≤ 7.0 - Sure! It would be quite amusing to see an entire fleet battle with an air battle being fought above.

That said though:

  1. This will be painful for airplanes. Our AA batteries in higher BRs (think: bluewater 5.3 and above or coastal 3.3 and above) can absolutely shred airplanes in the right hands
  2. Not sure how servers would handle a higher number of players in the match, and, importantly: An absolute ton of rounds flying from both: planes and surface vessels combined.

You can already do that by just playing the naval mode and spawning in an airplane. That’s how I unlocked a chunk of my US tree, lol

There’s a very good related suggestion - allow us to grind airplanes while playing Ground Arcade Battles.

Only in lower tiers.

Bombers and strike aircraft are extremely potent in arcade air, and air dom is limited to a narrow BR range.

And as stated before, you can bring your own planes already, just put them in the lineup.