Mix and Match Tech tree vehicles regardless of origin

What if we played the game like we were mercenary group rather than a national group. This could mean that you have any vehicle that you have unlocked to add the the line up. So you could have a T80,Abrams, and leopard in the same line up. You could also have CAS mixed from any nation as well. What do you guys think?




If it was limited to only a single vehicle. It might be interesting. Adding like an “Allied” vehicle to the line-up, which might help neglected trees (like adding an IFV to a nation that doesnt have any) But more than just 1 and it totally and completely destroys the point of Tech trees. Not too mention people would exploit it to create insanely OP line-ups.

Also it gives significant beenfit to those who can farm many trees.


Care to elaborate more than just no

what if it had its own mode so it wouldn’t interfere with normal ground rb?

Maybe? but I think I would rather them fix the gamemodes we’ve got currently before they started adding more. You could fill half a dozen Major Updates alone with just content/fixes for the air and naval modes currently.

Nope, that would decrease the diversity of vehicles in the match

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Meta gaming would go through the roof and that’s the last thing WarThunder needs. People with one tree would suffer greatly to people who would just pick the best stuff for their lineup. It will make game insufferable and boring. Everyone(but people without those vehicles) would run more or less same lineups.

If you want something like this just wait for ex-Warsaw pact countries like Poland. You will have vehicles from soviets(with upgrade), germany, america etc

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Yeah, that would be my primary concern.

At the moment whether you have 10 nations researched or just 1, you are in theory on a level footing with everyone else. Even with just 1 free slot for a vehicle from another nation. The benefits of having research multiple if not all trees researc just sky rockets, and those players would be at a notable advantage .

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I did not look at it from these points of views. You make good points and would probably ( even in its own mode ) would be just a dumpster fire.


I don’t like this idea personally.

Yeah, Ive had the exact same thought, it would be an excellent way to patch a weak nation, just allow at least 1 vehicle from another nation in the line-up.

But it would be too exploited unfortunately

This game is built around the national trees and is a big selling point to have your nation as a tech tree (or even a sub-tree. I remember seeing lots of ads for the SA sub-tree). And it is the best way for Gaijin to get a quick buck.

And Morvran’s and PozdroEloPocwicz’s point users would cherry pick the best vehicles in-game leading to all the battles having the same line-up. Is the other big one.

No. Each nation have specific playstyle. There are trees that combine vehicles of different nations on top tier so you can play those.

Also doesnt make much sense to mix nations with WW2 vehicles.