Mitsubishi LR-1 (MU-2K)

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To start I’m going to clarify naming conventions. So LR-1 is the general name for JGSDF spec MU-2s. There are 2 different models of LR-1, they have the sales designation of MU-2B (renamed to MU-2C) and MU-2K which uses the internal designation of MU-2B-25.

In 1966 Mitsubishi received a request from the Defense Agency for the LR-1. The LR-1 was designed for 5 main missions being:

  • VIP Transport
  • Forward Air Control
  • Aerial Recon
  • Emergency Transport
  • Emergency COIN

The first prototype was delivered to Akeno Aviation School for testing before being formalized in 1967 as the LR-1. The LR-1 successfully filled it’s role until it was retired in 2016 being replaced by the LR-2. The MU-2 also had a successful export career being used by New Zealand, Sweden, Argentina and the United States in a military role and many more customers in a civilian role. The MU-2 had excellent flight performance for a propeller driven aircraft being comparable to many jet aircraft at the time due to it’s light weight and powerful engines. This led to some controversy in the civilian market as the performance was comparable to a jet aircraft, but due to it being propeller driven meant there was no need for special certification to fly it. Combining that fact with the low price tag of the MU-2 meant that many amateur pilots with little experience were hopping into a high power aircraft leading to a high accident rate. Besides the controversy in the civilian world, the LR-1 was a popular aircraft in the JGSDF, and while the LR-1 never had the need to fill it’s role as an emergency COIN aircraft during it’s service life it still had the necessary equipment to mount and use weaponry if it was ever needed.


(I will convert all this to metric)

L x W x H:
10.13m x 11.95m (11.3m without tanks) x 3.94m
Crew: 2

Empty 2685 kg
MTOW 4750 kg
Payload 2097 kg

Internal 186 US gal
Wingtip Tanks 180 US gal

TPE-331-6(A)-251M/252M x 2
TO Power 665 SHP x 2
Max Cont. Power 665 SHP x 2

Max Cruise Speed 587kmh
Rate of climb @ SL 15.8m/s



  • 2 x M3 Browning 12.7mm mounted in fuselage

  • 2 x Mk.82 500lb bomb OR GCS-1 500lb IR guided bomb mounted on wingtips in place of fuel tanks
  • 2 x 130/180 US gal Napalm on wingtips in place of fuel tanks


  • 2 x LAU-3/A mounted on underwing pylons.

(Saab MU-2K showing underwing pylons with EW pods)

Misc. Equipment.
Saab uses the MU-2K as an EW aircraft, so there is an option for EW pods.
There is also a mounting bracket that appears to be for MAWS, but this is unconfirmed speculation based on the role of the aircraft and the size and style of mount.

Optional alt Livery

JGSDF Olive Drab

JGSDF White and Orange


JASDF 50th Anni MU-2





Huh, maybe it could go after the b7a2 since the attacker line is vacant until you reach the R2Ys. Though that depends if they give it the guided bombs or not.



+1 Japan really needs more ground attack Aircraft

As for foreign MU-2’s, i know that Argentine MU-2’s were used in the Isla Malvina’s conflict and RNZAF mostly used them as training at Woodbourne near Blenheim

Editors note: I found a source that confirms Argentina using them in the Isla Malvina’s conflict (The source is only in Spanish)


Light attack/COIN aircraft spotted: instant +1.


+1 for future COIN TT

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I’m happy to see a COIN aircraft that doesn’t have abysmal performance. I think this would be really nice in the main tree, if not a bit jarring compared to the World War II planes it would find itself amid.


Can we have a separate COIN TT for every nation? It’s almost impossible to balance some of these aircrafts in the air tree.

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That’s not my call to make, but if the developers want to add COIN planes at some point they may take that route. I’ve seen people float the idea of having COIN planes in the helicopter tech tree as well. To be honest, I really don’t like most of them as I feel they would not be fun by any metric.

A BIG +1 from me, this thing would be a really fun addition in game

Found some actual pictures of Argentine MU-2’s in service while looking at my hard drive though only the wing portions are visible since it was it that was taking the images of the IA-58’s that it is flying alongside


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