Mitsubishi F-15J

Yea what MINT0 said as well, it’s just not written how it would be in normal English.

The American one uses it’s own RWR system (AN/ALR-56)

Saw this on the wiki but no citations. Is this accurate and if so, where does the aircraft they use for us fall under?


From wiki this means the current F-15J (M) we have is from batch C6? Does it have other improvements? What is J/APR-4B?

Perhaps it’s just a mix-match like Gaijin usually does for gameplay balance.

We’ve C16 or C17.

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So we should also be at J/APR-4B not just J/APR-4A? Obviously like no info but it should basically be the same RWR as the F-2 late? I’d think if so, they should give it more radar bands maybe up to M?

Maybe we can put it as a suggestion but im not aware of any sources about j/apr-4b performance to back it up

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Without sources I doubt the suggestion would go anywhere, unfortunately.

I’d hope they’d at least logically conclude that upgraded RWRs would be better than predecessor, especially when it comes to sensors. I know not all upgrades are performance related and could be maintenance ease and such but gameplay first, ya know.