Mitsubishi F-15J

There is a high chance we will get exactly the same f-15 we will have to grind from start but with aim120\AAM-4

There was a smal patch moments ago fixing something of the F-15, any idea what is it???

Seems its this?

Some kind of nerf/buff? To AOA i think?

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Yeah that one, I am not sure what it is

i think @MiG_23M more knowledgeable on this stuff since he was the one found the report of it?

is it the nerf to high speed turn and buff to mid speed?

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F-15A, F-15J — the angular speed of a steady turn has been adjusted: at medium speeds — reduced by 1-2°/s, at speeds M 0.7…1.0 — increased by 1-2°/s.

If I’m reading it right, it’s a buff to high speed and nerf to mid speed which is the opposite of what needed to happen right?

EDIT: Just did a quick test flight and noticed at min fuel with full missile load I was able to hit 13Gs once I went under ~1000 km/h. I think previously it was only 12Gs. I think structural limit was set to ~13.5Gs since dev server too? So I’d imagine it’s dangerously close to ripping, and probably so if I had less missiles.

That being said, this is mostly a quick rough test flight and not an actual test with any standardized procedure and tools.


Oh no! I was expecting better maneuver at lower speed :C

hmm most likely.
i really can’t read this stuff, sometimes it said reduced but somehow doing better stuff so i just ask or wait for the expert on this stuff


0.2-0.4 mach was improved after dev server
0.4-0.7 was then overperforming, now fixed
0.7+ I didn’t test during dev / prior so apparently it’s buffed again.


So, it should turn better at low speed now?

In my opinion, while flight performance is an important metric in limited scenarios, it’s nearly meaningless considering the biggest influence of success are prepositioning and missile use in a public match. Turn rate is great and all, but you’re likely not escaping a well placed missile fired from behind And chances of 1v1s are slim. If I were to grind and use the Su-27 or even the 29SMT, I will likely not find any issues using them well thanks to their R-73s. I will likely be carrying this same opinion once active BVR becomes a thing; flight performance almost becomes a redundant factor. It’s not entirely useless, but it will not be utilized as much as an aircraft’s weaponry.

Is it even possible to use F-15 in BVR combat? Targets just pull away and dodge missile or it suicides after 1sec of target lock loss while I am getting killed by completely silent r27et or what it feels like twice faster r27er

well… possible it is, but 80% of the time you will die first xd

Better than dev server, yes. Went from ~11 deg/s to ~14/15 deg/s 0.3 mach or less.

Yes, but the RWR changes recently increased BVR situational awareness. SARH missiles without IOG and Datalink are going to suffer in this regard. FOX-3s will be a big part of improving the pK of radar missiles in the future of the game.



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I’m waiting on the hopeful arrival of TWS as that’s going to be a big deal in ground RB for me, even if the recent RWR changes limit the usefulness of it (being able to visually identify targets without alerting/spooking them to your awareness of them).

I made this my background screen on my computer.

Thats how much I am loving this jet

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What for real? XD

Im still sad that no skins were added for GE :(


Lol yea! I need to make it darker because it’s hard to see my applications.

Wouldn’t it make a really cool t-shirt too?

oh absolutely. I pray GJ makes some like they have done in the past.

Do not get me wrong I love the WTLive that go marketplace. But sometimes they look a little cartoony.

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Wat. Inert only, I guess.
Screenshot 2023-12-15 184259