Mitsubishi F-15J

aam3 little better aim9m and the irccm same (seeker shut off)

its pull is very good, i have the F-15J, it can be used in dogfights, close range shots, and it will pull very well in off bore shots. Dont expect a thrust vectoring turn performance, but it is very good. IRCCM is exactly the same as 9M.

I don’t know if it pulls harder in the live as the dev it wasn’t pulling that much but it has better range then the 9M
So definitely better then it

Yes, they do as many new players around the world initially gravitate to the US tech tree first. GJ knows this.

Their sales analyst know this. Many veteran players started with the US tech tree first and branched out. (myself included, once an old Ameriboo)

That is what GJ wants. They do not want us sitting in a single tech tree forever. I do not think it’s fair to repeatedly rail on US mains as if they suffer from a special kind of skill issue as @MiG_23M and his followers like to repeatedly claim.

Simply, everyone who is new to the game, usually driven by western pop culture and not too privy to military technologies naturally go to the US first.

They starting the usamain skill optimalization and this is the first step


I know Broski, Oh I am pissed af.

But I have faith after the holidays GJ will come correct.

Let the new players have their day in the sun. Wear the Su27 as badge of honor and continue to smash in it.

Thats what I have done in the SMT. Because Ive learned that if you refuse to play it until fixed you will be so disgusted with it that by the time they do buff it as it historically should, you will be too jaded and never touch the thing again.

I made that mistake with the Mig23M. I say keep playing it “till the wheels fall off” and smash overpowered aircraft. Its a challenge to veteran players.

Brick29smt stay a joke and now they kill the Flanker. I dont understand why… I think lot of usamain skill issue sht cant kill the flanker in dogfight.

Nvm my f15j now gone better


Yeah I am really shocked they are going this route without reports on the Su27.

Even from a sales perspective the Flanker is a beloved aircraft of the West. I could have sworn the Flanker would be just as coveted and sought after aircraft. ESPECIALLY with its unique supermaneuvrability.

Then again I cannot see the analytics of what GJ sees.

Thats what I’m playing now too! love it !

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Yea my F16AJ and 15J still a best too

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What’s your current loadout?

Still experimenting with mine as you can see.

How badly they nerf the flanker

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Skill optimisation change for US mains

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I use 4 aam3 and 4 aim7m. I perfer the sim battle and the sparrows pretty good in sim


My pilot keeps passing out on doggo fights lol like a lot more than normal. Doesn’t happen as often with my F-16 AJ though.

stock 2 9L and 3 levels until you able to try top missile against su-27 with stock top missile is very “fun” expirience I must say

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Farm bases with Napalm, takes 4 for 1 base. Can carry 9 so can take 2 bases. That’s how I did it to spade it. Base kills then extra air kills with head on or missiles.

Bases taken out long before napalm can really do anything

Yea, i started right after the patch so not many were doing it till 2 hrs later. Right now their a huge amount of players doing it. Will be like that for a long while till player get new jet. I got teamkilled cuz i stole bases, but worth lol

So good they have to teamkill you lol

I have to wonder since the devs said that fox 3 update will be the first or second update of 2024 what will Japan get?

Seems likely that it will be MSIP F-15J so we are looking at APG-63 V1 and some other upgrades

So the current F-15J will be outdated quickly.

I doubt it will be XF-2A or early F-2 since they lack the transmitter to use AAM-4 and only received it until late F-2s. (Though Gaijin can of course still add it if they wish too) F-15J MSIP can also use AMRAAMS.

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