Mitsubishi F-15J

Pre-MSIP still had the PSP radar, which had TWS added in 1985.


Speaking of which, @_David_Bowie what’s the status of the PSP radar for F-15J? Last I remember you mentioned there was a bug report internally but seeing as TWS isn’t present on live, I presume it’s still open/being worked on?


Not knowing the status of “internal reports” can be difficult

How are we supposed to know if we need to provide additional information

Make a public thread discussing the issue or a report with all known sources. If there is something new, they’ll add it to the internal report.

Alternatively, message the tech moderators to inquire about the report and if they have a certain source.

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They gave it J/APR-4 it also feel more maneuverable compared to dev.

Yea, though apparently it’s overperforming at high speeds now? @MiG_23M

The J/APR-4 also isn’t copy paste either as it detects upto J band where the ALR-56 detected till M band (J as well, but APR-4 detects from C band). They also fixed the antenna color for the RWR.


Will the F-15J get a JASDF pilot model? (If I’m not mistaken, the same problem happened with the F-16AJ)

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We will see

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Hopefully we get some more modern pilot models, it’s a little detail but it adds a lot


and they were in the teaser…

It’s still open


Can someone offer some tips. Just got this thing. Grinding out mods.

It seems to rate really well. Though not as tight as the smaller fighters.

What is the tactical pros over the other F-15s (besides the IRs) and the weaknesses.

If you get in bad position you can always say “fuck this” and go into space


I just learned. The F-15 has the unique ability to reset the dogfight and come and go on his own terms.

Also fuel is not consumed as much as some other jets + doesn’t affect your flight model as much as others. You can take A LOT of fly time


Finally got the AAMs They look very advanced!

Imo AAM-3 is the best missile in the game. It gets the great IRCCM of 9M while being 40G. It can be used in very close range dogfights. Tried it and it worked well

The usamains have brutal skill issue and they always cry for anything

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Truer words have never been spoken

Have anyone tested AAM-3 on live already? Does it have different IRCCM then 9M? Did they buff pull?