Mitsubishi F-1

Besides Air battles, what about giving them the GCS armaments for GRB? Could really use some proper CAS capabilities in it’s current Br. I can already do some work but it takes a lot of effort to not die vs SAMs/A-10s/Su-25k all aspect missiles and no flares. I play GRB a lot more than ARB, i get bored real quick in ARB x.x


Found a manual saying Mitsubishi F-1 used laser guided bombs/missiles → if you do (and you’ll have trouble), then go bug report it.

you’d have find something showing GCS can lock ground targets. that’s why GCS isn’t in-game right now, it was built for naval targets and there’s no evidence it can lock ground targets.

There is much more evidence pointing to the fact that it would be able to attack ground targets than there is that it can’t. The only reasoning is “its called an anti ship bomb so it can only be used for that”, but that excuse is terrible seeing as we have naval mavericks in game with IR seekers that can lock on to ground fine. The thermal signature of ships and tanks are near identical and the de-clutter method (that GCS-1 does have) is identical for both.

And before you go “erm ships engines are bigger and would appear better”. No, for one the ships that GCS-1 would be used against are small landing craft and even potentially amphibious vehicles. Here is a barge with a small diesel engine crane showing a very clear IR signature with a land background.

Then we also have XGCS-2 where the entire excuse with 0 evidence is that the bombs were non functional even though we have documents showing thats entirely BS.
For starters prototypes were tested over 3 years from 2001 to 2004 and a certain mod thinks they just dropped inert non-functioning dummies for 3 years? The docs show that the steering, range, warhead, and seeker were all successfully tested.

GCS-1 and XGCS-2 being kept out of the game are done from cheap excuses. Japan always plays with words to skirt around the opposition government from rejecting defense projects and Gaijin takes those political games as fact while ignoring actual evidence.


then submit it, I ain’t the one who’s keeping bombs from getting added. I don’t keep up with this CAS stuff either

Provision of ECM equipment for F-1?


Do you think adding aim-9l missiles to the F-1 is possible? In theory, you can put it at 10.7, the same su-22 has 6 r-60mk missiles

Same question for F-4EJ Kai with AAM-3, because they would put MiG(Bison) on 11.7
Also for F-1, no flares, so moving to 10.7 not needed