Mitsubishi F-1

It’s not useless, it simply should be played differently

At 10.3, 4x AIM-9P3 are absolutely great.
It is capable of dogfighting MiG-21’s up to the SMT/MF (not Bis or equivalent)(you might know what you’re doing to do this)
It is also are far than enough against F-4’s (it is better than C and E variant in dogfight and have good chances to avoid missiles before that)

It does lack Flares/chaffs, but others aircrafts of the same BR also lacks those,…

F-1 is useless in most situations - try to avoid R-60MK or AIM-9L without flares - in most battles there are no chance to do that. Planes such as A-6 TRAM (2xAIM-9L) BR 10.0, A-10A (2xAIM-9L) BR 10.0, A-10A Late (4xAIM-9L) BR - 10.3 , Su-25 (2xR-60MK) BR - 10.0, Sea Harrier - 10.7(4xAIM-9L). All of these aircraft have flares. F-5C, BR 10.3 has flares and better maneuverability and speed (only worse missiles AIM-9E). MiG-21 SMT and MF have flares. F-4C don’t have flares, but is faster, is on lower BR, has better loadup options.

So please, don’t tell me BR of this aircraft is appropriate. It should get at least 2xAIM-9L or go down in BR to 9.7.

I usually play T2 but, it is still possible to dodge advanced AAMs when you bring Zuni rockets.

I’ve heard about this might have to try it. Is there a difference if you use Zunis or FFARs?

Probably, Zuni is much better because FFAR doesn’t have massive heat signatures.

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Dude Learn to play,… R60MK or AIM-9L when launched from Low alitude such as thoses aircrafts are flying at, are particularly loosing energy,…

If you’re not bad players, you wouldn’t rush in front of those, yet you told us the opposite, and i wouldn’t stay at low altitude more than necessary, until i killed all of thoses Attacker aircrafts.

I dodged countless R60MK/ AIM-9L from those 3 aircrafts you quoted (Su-25/A-10/A-6) simply by being higher and fast as the missile have to fight gravity in order to reach you, then have to also adjust for your direction changes.

You just have to LEARN how a missile can be Avoided when decoying is not an option.

It was done, by me, with Mirage 5F, Mitsubishi F-1 /T-2(k), F-104J, F-104A, F-8E(FN) [the only F-8 with no flares], F-4C, MiG-21 PFM and Russian MiG-19.

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Game should be balanced for average player. Not every aircraft you mentioned are flying at low altitudes. The argument that I don’t know how to play is simply wrong. I played other aircrafts and they are simply better than F-1 on that BR or lower (because of equipment eg. radar guided missiles, flares&chaffs). Aircraft equipment should not be compensated by pilot skill. In most situations average player can’t avoid that missiles with such an aircraft.

In my opinion, the plane has too high BR and it’s not just my opinion, which is confirmed by the comments of other players above. If the plane got flare pods, it could stay on this BR. Another option mentioned by other players is to add eg. 2xAIM-9L to this aircraft (on 10.3 BR without flares) or adding AIM-9L and flares and moving it up on 11.0.

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Except we have documents confirming that it can’t equip flares. Besides giving give Aim-9L’s would increase its BR.

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Your problem,… is that you don’t know full potentiel of the aircraft,…

Simply talking of RB Stats(out of Win rate stats,since it depends on your teammates) you have and i do:

  • 55 games
  • 21 kills (0.38 KD)
  • dead 55 times (100%)


  • 160 games
  • 225 kills (2.14 KD)
  • dead 105 times (65%)

Soo,… please don’t tell me you know the aircraft and what is possible with it.

I also see similar stats on T-2(k)

I’m pretty sure you play as if you have flares/chaffs on,… playing it on the strength of others instead of yours.

I believe the BR of T-2/F-1 is reasonable. It may be inferior to higher-tier aircraft, but it’s more than sufficient against those of the same level, and mercilessly fearsome against lower-tier aircraft.

What T-2/F-1 needs is the addition of AN/ALE41 and GCS-1, along with replacing the cockpit of the F-1 with the correct one. That’s about it.

(This is a translation by GPT)

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And now they want to add Harrier with AIM-9L and Flares on 10.3


At this point it is gajin being like: you want aim-9L on your F1? Well **** you

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If that’s the case, more to the point that F-1 should get 9Ls.

The only way the F-1 should have a higher BR is if everyone else is getting decompressed as well.


The F-1 is supersonic while the FSR-1 isn’t.


The harrier doesn’t care because it can flare off any missiles.


Well you’ll recieve AIM-9P on T-2(k) aswell,…

This BR compression is more and more present.

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i mean what the point of supersonic if the missile that launch at you gonna catch up regardless you’re on supersonic or not? not to mention aim-9l is pulling more G than F1 can ever do.


I actually have to admit, the addition of AIM-9P for the T-2 along with the massive boresight buff is a godsend.
I’m finally having fun with it now and not being forced to BnZ all-aspect slingers with guns.


So now you can at least shot down someone with rockets? Sounds like a good news.

Bruh, even I have a positive K/D in the T-2 (Tech Tree), but the F-1 cannot be played in the same manner. You cannot gain altitude otherwise F-4Es or JA37Cs will catch you out. You cannot play low and aggressive because the lacking any sort of counter measures will get a high G AAM on you very quickly. It is a surgical plane that requires one to fly out of the battlefield, come in, and then play it in situations that it can run/fight to tis full potential, but that doesn’t make it fine at its BR it just means it has a playstyle for its BR. The tornado F.3 is a support fighter but its still ass to fly. The F-1 is a pain to fly at 10.0 and that’s an objective fact. You can have a positive K/D in a plane but that doesn’t mean its in a balanced spot ie Mig 19s/Mig 21s at 9.3. It shouldn’t go down but it certainly needs help.