Missing gunidicator in Gripen when all AAMs are fired/ and using ground ordanace

Hey, when i have all my AAMs fired there is no way to turn on gun indicator again. (change sight doesn’t work)

Super Etendard has same issue, spam Gaijin.net // Issues every few days until some developer decides to open it.

I don’t spam it, but I already have it reported there. but as long no people claim “to have the same issue” no one will read it I think.

I think it is random, i had several issues open for etendard ivm not beeing able to take of 4th time it worked, several had i have same issue. First time i submitted super etendard bugs it got 3 i have same issue in day or two no reaction so ill be back to spamming every few days until lsomebody notices.

It doesnt help that there is ton of spam about “cheaters” refunds, wanting sl back, something leaderboard so real issues go unnoticed.

Noticed the same on one of the Jaguars recently.

It’s just super annoying. On smaller HUDs u can compensate a bit by guessing the middle of my screen, but on the huge Gripen HUD i can’t help myself. And I also don’t get how they fucked that up. :(