Missiles are broken in SIM

At least for the US Missiles are useless. I’ve seen a missile not being to figure out where it’s going. It’s like it can’t decide which direction it wants to go. I’ve had a radar lock from 15mi on a high altitude target and all it did was literally spiral . Like HUGE barrel roll type loops. Then proceed to nose first into the ground from 10k ft. WTF is going on with missiles? Is it just the US top tier? Is this happening in the Mig-29s? AIM9-Ls are useless unless shot from well beyond burn distance. Have you guys experienced this?

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It’s been happening with the ADATS on ground too after La Royale update and still is. They seem to have adjusted something recently but still isn’t fixed all the way. It’s so random and inconsistent. I’m speaking on Ground RB here.

Just while ago actually I was in ADATS shooting missiles at helo. 1 missile goes ok. Next missile I never even see. I zoom out of sniper mode to look for it. It’s like it was either invisible or went way up high and way to the right. Next missile goes ok. Next missile never did see it.

It’s freaking ridiculous and they’re not doing anything about it. There is so many bugs lately and some are just left as they are. There’s still the bug on the SPAAs where you try to lower the rotating radar dish to turn it off, and it stops rotating but just sits there raised up high. It will not lower. There’s so many comments and bug reports on it for 2 weeks. They still haven’t fixed it. And thermals still messed up after weeks and bug reports. I don’t know what they’re doing. Either the missile stuff is intended or they aren’t sure what to do yet or just aren’t worrying about it. I don’t understand it.

Stingers are affected as well. Just go off sideways somewhere for no reason and disappear instead of going to locked target.

Al though this is a problem. It comforts me to know that I’m not crazy for thinking this. I plan on putting together a video of this happening and sending it to a CC (Content Creator) for them to bring to the gaijin’s CC discord. Who would be a good CC to send it to. I was thinking MatAWG sence he posts almost daily and reports news and bugs like this. What do you think?

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It’s all nations, not just US. Missile tracking degrades the longer the match goes on. I think someone pinpointed it to 90 minutes into a match when it finally gives up.

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This has been a major problem since the major update, and as a player that mainly flies as an attacker either in an a-10 or a7k I can no longer use AGM-65Bs and for other jets like the Tornado IDS (m). I can still use laser guided missiles perfectly fine such as the AGM-114K on the AH64, but anything guided beyond that no longer connects unless it is in a dogfight. I do hope they fix this soon as I haven’t felt any motivation to play since the problem showed up, hell with the last patch that supposedly helped the AS.34 ASM all I saw was the missiles eat the water on 3 sorties with only one striking the target causing little to no damage.

With the bleeding tickets bug, it was rare to see a match lasting more than 1h, so this bug remained hidden the last week, but it’s still there, and now with the bleeding tickets fixed, it’s back in most matches.

That’s absolutely insane. Is that true? That is so odd.

and I thought this was my head only. Missiles are absolutely not tracking in SIM.
Tested in my AIM-9D and Shafrir-2. I can´t seem to find a pattern for it, in some matches they work, in some others not. Hope gaijin gives more attention to SIM.

Is anyone able to do a bug report on Issues.gaijin? I dont have enough evidence

Missiles not tracking properly in sim // Gaijin.net // Issues

Here guys, found it

Was chatting with a mod. Needs a clog and ideally a replay of a whacky missile. If it cant be added to this one, needs a new one to be submitted with a clog and replay

Its to do with match length apparently. 1 -1.5+ hour matches seems to be the issue

the company they use to track this shit closed the ticket saying it’s only a fucking heli PvE problem, even though the entire ticket including the person that opened it was talking about Air SB.

Actually no, I think this issue is related to match length and server de-sync. Whether its ASB and you are talking about AAMs or Heli PvE EC and AGMs, the issue seems to occur about the same time, around the 1 hour+ mark. Its very possible its the same problem for both and thus, fixing one will fix both. If its not, we’ll simply have to re-submit a bug report and they’ll treat it as a different issue, But I think its more obvious/replicatable in Heli EC and so they went with that report/it was the first report.

The problem is bigger than that, even when they work at the beggining of the match, they do weird things, going the opposite direction first, wiggling too much, etc …

I was talking about the match length issue, and I play as CAS in EC so it’s almost 45 - 50 min in on the dot AGMs lose tracking even laser guided. I’ve had this occur less in heli pve than in ASB and I play both about the same amount. AGMs will go first then about 10 minutes later AAMs go next, and compared to AGMs they will still be able to sometimes track and get a kill but it’s rare.