Missile Proxy Fuse Not Working?

Ever since sons of atilla ive noticed ir missiles will often fly past their target without detonating. My python 3 even managed to miss the mig15 in the test drive. Anyone else notice this


yeah same it is so annoying


I launched two R-27ERs in an F-16A side aspect and front aspect, both passed through the enemy fighter without exploding.

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me and my buddy MANY times have had this happen, i dont know if its the proxy fuse or the hitbox of where the missile hits the target, but this is a consistent issue

AIM-9Ms, R-27ERs, a few other missiles phasing through targets with no hit, anyone else? heres a thread i made on this previously

happens to me atleast once a game with Magic 2s

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uploading some clips from a match i just had that prove the point of missiles not blowing up when they should be, in the 2nd clip you will see me hit an F4S with an R73 and the missile decides the hitbox is way behind the F4S :/


A tech mod over in the Storm HVM thread kinda confirmed issues with Proxy Fuses, so hopefully its been reported internally and may get fixed ASAP

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can you kindly link that thread here? i cant find it, thank you :)

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It has, and we’ve gathered loads of user examples for the devs.


Awesome, Thank you

I didnt realize how bad it is with the aim7m. Its like a 50/50 chance your missiles will just fly past the enemy with all the right lock conditions.

thank you for helping with this, always good to have mods who frequent the community and devs :)

i do not mind if my clips above are passed along for review as well :D the more evidence they have to fix things the better!