Missile explodes on my plane as soon as it leaves the rail


Hi this is my first post so I am unsure how best to attach a video, i have the replay and a recording.

Title pretty much explains it all, I was 1v2 at the end of the match about to fire a missile on an unsuspecting target when my r60m left the rail and exploded 5m from my plane causing me significant damage that ultimately lost me the game.
Cant see anyone else ever record this happening as a bug or even questioning why it happened to them. Can anyone think of an explanation? I was 700m above sea level so not like it impacted or proxy’d with the ground.

here is a clip of the replay I uploaded for reference

any ideas?

Mach 1.53, the missile doesn’t time to go, you’re ramming it.

Just like if you’re shooting with F-11 bullet aren’t fast and you shoot yourself.


Pretty sure this isn’t the case, missiles drop before igniting.

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my bad if the quality isnt good enough but I’m only going 1.03M and whilst idk the speed of the r60m when it drops off the rail - its top speed is 2.5M, im travelling in a straight line too so it clears my plane before i start to turn

You’re pitching down in the video, ever so slightly, and that missile is impacting your wing.

(You are checking the server replay as well? If you are, good stuff…)

damn i see, well that would make sense, never had that happen before and im not particularly careful about maneuvering whilst firing missiles, kinda thought they might behave like bombs and bounce off the wing lmao
yeah its the server replay, the game ended about 60 seconds or so after this and immediately i went to check the server replay.

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Awesome, server replay is always the best replay to check.

Play around though, that’s just what we’re all seeing on that video.

your name checks out. Thanks for the advice, Doc.

Happy flying!

Not all of them do that.