Missile and Plane producing more than 1 trail bug


Hi all, as im not on my computer right now i cant take pictures, but does someone has the same problem as me? When i shoot my air to air missiles they usually have 2 trails, sometimes 3. And the smoke trail from my plane does the same.

If your asking why im level 20 and has top tier planes it is because im on my alt, pretty sure this doesnt matter. Thanks for reading

Are you openly admitting you have an alt account? I believe that’s against the rules.

Yes it is happening since last patch I believe

What do you mean it’s against the rules? I have two accounts one is level 100 and the other is level 15 or whatever it is, I play on the alt account if I’m bored from the main one and want to grind from the beginning again, It is not against the rules, also I would’ve been happier if you answered on how to fix this bug other than say that it’s against the rules.

They ban players with alt accounts. Blame the people who abuse it to farm kills in EC events.

Oh, sad.