Missed BP level 125

Hello, I feel very disappointed. We were at 89 days since the start of BP so I thought it would be reset tomorrow as usual (90days) but it reset just now.

I was level 123/4 and can buy the missing level to get the free next BP, but the game updated and I can’t now do anything. WTH is that? Ok, I missed the end date displayed on top but there is nothing to do?

Not even a reduction thanks to the blue exchange coupon? The war bonds shop is still accessible a few days after it ended, why I can’t buy my missing level to get the purple coupon? Nothing in-game warns us that is coming to be over…

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Battle Pass seasons very clearly state when they end right next to the name of the season.



I’d imagine the exact date and time does


I already say that the date was displayed, but little mobile games can make a pop up or a timer, Gaijin can’t?

If you only have troll answer, please find something more usefull to do better than trying to trigger other.


I am very disappointed too. I dreamed of winning the lottery but forgot to buy a ticket. Now the lottery happened, but I did not have a ticket, can you please restart the lottery and give me the winning ticket. Thanks in advance!


You have a timer on your computer. You have the time displayed directly in front of you.

It cannot get simpler than this.

You stated directly that;

And believe it or not! There’s the exact time that the event will end!

Don’t blame others for your own oversight.

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But I didn’t remember saying it isn’t my bad, but only asking for what I/we can do now.

Thrust me or not, I was playing when the BP end, and I miss it, so, NO, there isn’t any warning of this, except if you manually check the date in the BP window, thing you think you have to point to me even if I specified it in the OP…

BTW, I wasn’t going here to have a poor exchange about who is guilty here, but if there was any solution that can be find. If you’re not bringing any, please leave and keep your condescension out of here.


There were quite a lot of excuses…

You were playing during the time that was very clearly shown in the BP window, and the BP ended at that exact stated time? Oh wow! Who would have thought?!

You seem to need to be pointed to it, as you have said multiple times now that there was “no warning”.

There isn’t a solution to the obvious end of a battle pass. If you wanted more levels, get those levels before the BP ended. Don’t blame the game for your bad time management, and especially don’t state that you had nO wArNiNg when the end date is very clearly shown in a world-standardized time.

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Maybe this helps … If this triggers you, you should seriously think about why.


Same, but I was level 74 💀

This had me cackling like a goblin. Well done!


But now you have to give half the posters in this thread timeouts. lol

Wich computer? He has a PlayStation I guess.


Alright, sorry, phone.

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The thing is, it doesn’t work for people who don’t feel responsible for anything.
As I always say so beautifully. Learning through pain …
When you stop wrapping people in cotton wool about their responsibilities, miracles happen.


No excuses, you made him out to be an idiot here because he can look at his desktop all the time and you can’t even recognise from his name that he doesn’t even have a desktop.

And always remember, not everyone lives by the clock or looks at the calendar all the time. In this respect, a special hint/timer in the game wouldn’t be bad at all.

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You probably wouldn’t say that if this were your employee or you were depending on him being somewhere at a certain time. You know, grown up things.

The BP is gone, over, finished, finito. You can’t do anything about it anymore. Kids these days would say “you’re cooked”

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You’re right, but we’re in a game here, and some people even pay money for it.

Well if you pay for it, you’d think you’d be motivated enough to keep up with your stuff.
I missed getting the medium boatie daily today by 3 minutes because I didn’t start it until an hour before expiry. Clearly, Gaijin should have just given it to me…