Mirror matches ruin the game for me personally

Title, anybody else feel the same? It’s extremely lame to face not just the same type of vehicle as yourself but literally the entire enemy team is the same identical model…

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But think of the QUEUE TIMES BRO!!!

its a joke
I miss historical faction match ups


Would people rather complain about other things or something?

Having an aced crew in the G.56, I despise historical MM.


90% of the matches I have to be teamed up with Ju 288Cs, the only thing that shoots planes are Do 335s, occasionally skilled Ta 152s but very rarely. On the other hand I enjoy playing with allied teams a lot, especially with things like the P-51H-5s.

This has nothing to do with a historical matchmaker. It has everything to do with the Ju288.


288 was the mainlander botting dream
It should be removed

It absolutely ruined sim thanks to the above, gain slashing included

lol 288 didn’t cause sim earnings fixes.
Stuff like this was:

Per theory - yes, it is the Ju’s problem and its players. Per practice - I cannot tell them to stop playing. I did heard that bomber rewards are nerfed, but for a bomber thats practically uninterceptable, I dont see why people will not play it.

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Those are reasonable rewards for actually playing a Sim EC match out though
Now you have to either have premium time, use a premium vehicle, or have a 2-3:1 K/D to break even in my experience

Mirror matches are good cause I have a chance of losing when I’m playing a tech tree saturated with skilled players.

When i played the G56 i banned tunisia map, played more matchies other than 6v6 ju spam

I havent banned any maps because I tend to hop everywhere on ARB, sometimes G56 and the next match in a spitfire then switching to a JAS39C, so banning maps meant less for me and I cant be bothered to determine which one I should ban

Dude I love ju288. It was like a little treat for my ad-4 or p51h-5. If they get their bombs off and I shoot them down immediately after, we both end up making profit. However, I make sure I kill em before they get bombs off because bots are bad.

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They seem rare to me. Maybe 1 a week but agree, I don’t like them. I prefer mixed opposing teams.

Gaijin can just uptier it to an appropriate BR and it would cease to be an issue. They won’t because it’s a cash cow.