Mirage 2000C-S5 BR in Sim

mirage 2000 experiance

I fly this Dorito alot but i think that 11.7 is to low for the plane, or the other 11.7 planes are sitting to high.
Most planes I fight cant even see Doppler Radar making them an easy prey for ambushes.
The flightmodel outperforms everything in that BR range.


yeah this is a straight up gen4 with great missiles so im not sure what its doing facing 10.7-11.3 so often

I don’t know, haven’t had the chance to fight it in a Vigg yet, might sometime if I play more sim in it and don’t get dunked on by F-14’s. The Mirage in a general sense is a good plane.

My fav jets, but I still gotta say it should be moved up BR in RB and SB, just way too good

All m2ks should be 12.0+ even the D.

They are insanely capable aircraft atleast pre search and destroy and can all hold themselves up perfectly fine against any other 4th gen.

M2K and F-14A yeah…

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