Mirage 2000 Thread : Variants, performance, characteristics and sources

No, but they gave M2K the ability to slew radar with the HMS on dev server I think

Isn’t the ability to lock the radar with HMS kind of a mute feature on a broken radar? I lose lock to the most simple of maneuvers, like an aileron roll :^/

I not such issues with the 5f, the tws hdn gives you pretty solid lock same as the pd hdn and the regular pd mode, the regular pd mode i normally just use it with the hms

It seems they corrected the proxy fuse issue of AA missiles

Here’s why

Anything happened to the Mirage since patch drop? Just getting back into playing it again and I love it. Those magics are a little short range still though imo.

More flares, new motor and increased track rate for magic 2 and an over all drag reduction tΓ² all magics.


I was just thinking about the CM count but was not sure if that was new. Amazing thanks.

Even the M2kD-R1 got a ton of CM and the same engine output. Thought they would not touch it since it was removed from the tree.

Hell yeah.

But no hms… But the R1 slaps still at its BR.

What was removed from the tree?

The Mirage 2000D-R1, the two-seater strike Mirage with large caliber internal CM dispensers in the spine.

If you obtained it you get to keep it. They removed it prior to the Mirag2k 5F

Oh dear. I did not even know since I got it. Do you happen to know why it was removed?

When the Mirage 2k 5F came in to the game as it has all the strike capability. Maybe a little different let me show you.

Its more of a novelty but it smashes at its lowest BR a M2k can be used. Still grinding it out.

No one really cared for it because it came with no gun at first. I am a dassault fan so I made sure I picked it up. There was no warning either they would take it.

only 2 magic IIs and no super 5s


Have you played it recently? its really great for its BR not OP but just really good air RB.

wtf really? So no new players obtain a MK2D? Shouldn’t it be moved to the premium side like they did to the Maus? I’ve been very much enjoying since the magic 2 range buff. The extra ammo on the gunpod is nice.

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@POLYDEUCES sorry doing so much at once rn. No reason that I go officially. I am assuming because the 5F can do all the ground striking and made it obsolete.

It was quite fun in air matches actually after it got the addon 30mm pod.

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Yeah I thought it was wack but I am assuming because it came with no gun, two magics, no super5s and the 5F can do more. But I do not remember an official announcement why it would be taken.

Yeah why add the gunpod. plus it gave you a lower BR M2k.

Maybe they will bring it back as event.