Mirage 2000 Thread : Variants, performance, characteristics and sources

I do not think any ECCM is currently working and intentional to see how these missiles play on performance first. The only missile I have trouble flaring its the L lol

I havent went out with 20+ yet And had 4 magics really light anyway so yea. lol I am in the Barak as well. very very survivable.

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Thanks to 200CM of course :)

But gotta say without new boosters its terrible, actually had to buy couple modifications with GE.

Mirage 2000C-S5 still does not have the possibility of having the belly tank…🙄


5F lacks triple fuel tank configuration as well.

F-14B is the worst one, still doesnt have any fuel tank while those two thirsty GE engines loves to drink my fuel as fast as they can.

Triple fuel wouldn’t be that interesting to be fair: it’s intended to be used with MICA Pylon.

Putting 3 fuel tank would just limit to 2 magic +Damoclès pod+ 1x gbu-12

(And for a real 2000-5F that would mean just 2 GBU without Damoclès pod)

Thats your personal opinion, for me it would be interesting.

Also this not change the fact that it is a historical configration and its missing.

Secondary fuel tanks likely won’t be a thing for a long time, regardless of aircraft.

Since its not an urgent thing community can wait for it.

Currently i use more the 4 Magic 2 loadout but i do not have any real problems with the 530D all my shots under 10 km killed succesfully. But i do hold hope the 4 Magic 2 lodaout will be compatible with 4 MICA EM in the future.

what all did they change because the mirage despite the missile buffs feels like shit to fly.

It’s better than the MiG-29 RN lol

no kidding they feel like a flying bus

Still doesnt justify why Mirage flies like trash can.

İt seems like all top tier planes got nerfed in terms of flight performance except F-16’s.

Gaijin needs to do something cause not everyone wants to fly with F-16.

Even if it is there is quite some problems with airframes of planes other than F16 right now been testin maneuvers for a few minutes now and the plane is unable to pull more than 7G whith and whithout brakes while it easily did 9-10 (without having to use airbrakes) on the dev servers they may have implemented a last moment nerf to everybody except US for reasons once again. Also feels like it accelerates less

I’ve been playing the SMT only and went to play one game in the M2k. I was like damnnnn, this thing feels like a god send compared to the SMT

MiG 29 now bleed energy like crazy, especially the SMT.
The mirage fares a little better, but when facing the f16 that can go 14G without bleeding nearly as much energy (I don’t know how that’s physically possible to have such a good energy retention), both the mirage and mig29 get slapped right now. And those are the second and third best aircraft’s at top tier (I don’t really know which is better right now tho between the mirage and mig), so let’s not even talk about the suffering of harriers, tornados, F4s and big gen’s facing f16s

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I think it’s a bad idea to try and get that changed.
If we can slave radar with HMS, they’ll end up gimping the HMD PD to 10km instead of the great 19km range we have now with ACM making it much less useful for 530D

Same here. The non-spaded SMT has a horrible flight model, bleeds energy like crazy and accelerates slowly. I’m still missing 2 key FM related mods so it will hopefully improve, but the mirage feels much better

iirc MiG-29’s should be like 10km ACM lock range per the manual, if there is a statement in the manuals about M2K ACM lock range in the future it can be adjusted…

I’d rather it all be realistic than balanced regarding the radars, balancing decisions like the current ACM limitations on F-14 ruin the game.