Mirage 2000 Thread : Variants, performance, characteristics and sources

Most of that, the new M29SMT with the R73 is a shame for us, no MICA, 530D is dead.
I saw one R73 catch me during an high G manoeuvre, the missile did acropathy i never saw before
No improvement.
All is for US and RU, french is a forgotten country.

I’ve honestly seen quite the improvement in the IRCCM department of the Magic 2.

IRCCM does work as far as I can tell, it’s just that in most cases where it works the pre-patch Magic 2 or most top tier missiles would have hit too, the employment zone of the magic 2 is just too limited because of the range and that god awful delay before it starts pulling once off the rail.

Don’t worry, I’ve been waiting for more years than I can remember for France to be competitive (since the introduction of the Super Mystere B2 IIRC).
I can wait some more.

I just want to let everyone know of how the fixes we have now are working out. :)

With that being said, fixes for France always seem to slow down to a snail’s pace once the patch drops, so pushing some more for those fixes now can’t hurt IMO.

Finding info on radar slaving to HMS is hard for other countries due to no major opening of information quite like ex-Soviets.

They didn’t forget, their aircraft come in the next air update, which is either 6 or 12 weeks away.

You’re joking right?

It was reported with primary sources for the Mirage 2000-5F. Same deal with missing TWS PD.


After many tests, i do confirm the radar and missile are broken compare to before this update.
unable to keep an aircraft lock most of time, and sometimes the 530D go to another target instead of the one locked.
Every flares notch the radar lock and the 530D miss the target.

that meant to be satire. What it meant was those nations were left out deliberately.

I do not know. they don’t care about french nation maybe for their own reasons.
I did 5 games, same issue.
you radar lock, the 530D is going somewhere else xDDD, sometimes nowhere, sometimes it goes straith and then decide to move to the target, and then move strait again

He’s not,… french law put everything military under 50 years secrecy seal., for exemple

Nations aren’t left out deliberately. It’s clear F-4F, F-15, Gripen, etc are still under development.

That might be the case for French things, but hardly the case elsewhere

I’m not an Air main, but I can’t do shit in the M2k now.
RWR makes notching SARHS so easy now can’t get any sneaky kills. 530D doesn’t seem to acquire and track fast enough for close range.

It is patch day madness, but this thing seems not so great now

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Any word on HMS ? was there any changes to FM ?

FM was improved, Mirage 2000-5F has had HMS since first dev server…

was playing he wrong mirage probably…

It doesn’t slave the radar, only missile it seems but it’s being bug reported iirc.

İ didnt felt like it was improved but rather nerfed little bit, feels like it pulls less with 20-30mins of fuel at high speeds but feels more stable at medium speeds.

I never try to go in combat scenario over 15-18min. Feel it’s a bus with anything more an bleeds too much in anything.

I literally come on to say this jet is awesome with 4 magics cannot wait til actual loadouts. loving it