Mirage 2000 Thread : Variants, performance, characteristics and sources

No, just calling their BS out. by spamming here (and a few reports inbetween). You know their bs when they don’t reply, like the one above.
They don’t even try to defend the dev actions because the reports/issue is clear

As for the other, there’s no point. As you have have seen, you can count with the fingers of your hands those who are active and know radar stuff. And the guy that confuses CW, HPRF, illumination knows more than the playerbase…


sadly PDI isnt modelled right now the F-16’s sparrows are guided by a CW illuminator that doesnt exist (they dont even have a high prf tracking mode to even pretend its PDI lmao) hopefully in a future patch PDI is done proper so lock ranges can be tweaked, though I find the current sparrows lock range satisfactory Ive never had a need to go beyond 45km

With the implementation of “MPRF” on earlier APG-66 in DevClient we can see they are now more accurately trying to represent these missiles and their guidance. I’ll pester some more about CW vs CWI (HPRF)

I suspect its just a nomenclature change since before it used terminology sorta based off the MiG-29s radar, same with the UI.

But hopefully so, seems they are doing a lot of neat stuff like modelling rise time and going more into depth with IRCCM so im decently optimistic

I think the RWR, MAWS, IRCCM, Flares, etc are all being re-worked ahead of the implementation of FOX-3’s. Simulator mode might need an overhaul too after this, it’s going to be fun.


Not finding 530D that much better ,the missile seems to just want to fly to anywhere but towards the target, it has insane trouble diving down even if the target is very far


I’ve had the same issue, the 530 is somehow worse. Who could have imagined that.


Yes, they overdid the guidance restriction. A simple dive will cause the missile to miss now. Report should be made shortly. As of right now though, if you fire within 15km, guidance should be fine.


It says the 2000-5F has an HMD but i’ve scrolled through every radar setting it has and i cant find it. Am I misinterpreting what hmd is supposed to mean here?

Arm the IR missiles, look around… HMS.

you can’t slew the radar, only missile seeker.

Only USSR has Radar HMD, fair by the devs apparently


For me, the 530D is significantly better than before. It mightt have a hard time locking at above 25km, but at medium to close range, when shooting after a f16 shooting an AIM7M at me (He shot at 8km, I shot at 6.5km) and won, as my missile hit him first

At this point you would almost have to question if it was deliberate negligence or just sheer incompetence.




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I play french a lot, and i do confirme the 530D is broken.
rarely, he performs very well, but most of time it goes nowhere.

What i can see is that the R27ER is completely overpowered now.
can’t do nothing when facing to a YAK 141 or M29.

the only good thing i noticed is the magic 2 ECCM which work very well, we can feel the difference.
I want to stop play french since the 530D is not repaired properly

Silly us, we forgot giving ECCM missiles to China, Sweden, German and Japan))))

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I have been playing the Mirage 2000-5 for a few hours now and I have to say that nothing really changed.

Magic 2 IRCCM doesn’t seem to make a real impact.
It’s honestly hard to tell whether it makes any difference in battle as players in the furball have low situational awareness to begin with and generaly fail to flare off IR missiles, IRCCM or not.
It’s still easily flared from the front and hard to flare from the back, just like before the patch.
However the lowered drag did give it a little bit more range.
Overall it’s still suffering from the same exact problems as before the patch :
Short range coupled with non-existent manoeuverability under 500m up to 1km in a headon.

As for the Super 530D…
It does waste much less energy at long range, but it’s completely useless.
The enemy can still simply turn sideways or go slightly cold and make your missile self-destruct.
And with the new RWRs even the most headless of chickens will be aware that your missile is coming and will easily be able to defeat your missile with some basic manoeuvers.
Its efficiency hasn’t increased at all.
In fact I think it has even decreased because of the new RWRs.

The 4 x Magic 2 loadout and the HMS are the only noteworthy changes so far.

It’s almost funny how the only Magic 2 and Super 530D fixes they chose to implement are the only ones that we knew wouldn’t have much of an impact in-game.

We seriously need either dual plane or the removal of the guidance delay for Magic 2 and the removal of self-destruct from the Super 530D.

For now I can only recommend you ditch the 530Ds for two additional Magic 2s and use them just like you did before the patch, the Super 530D is way more trouble than it’s worth right now.


There are more changes coming for Magic 2, be patient.

Most of that, the new M29SMT with the R73 is a shame for us, no MICA, 530D is dead.
I saw one R73 catch me during an high G manoeuvre, the missile did acropathy i never saw before
No improvement.
All is for US and RU, french is a forgotten country.

I’ve honestly seen quite the improvement in the IRCCM department of the Magic 2.