Mirage 2000 Thread : Variants, performance, characteristics and sources

Also i’ll check if it hasen’t already been done and tomorrow i’ll be making a suggestion about the introduction of RB EC matches in the event section of the game just like Naval EC.

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Phoenixes really were a non issue when you learned how to deal with them (mainly stay a bit farther notch and pre chaff as long as you get pinged at the beginning of a match) imo.

tysm :)


Apparently in RB F-15 has the low speed handling - especially AOA - the Mirage 2000 would have if it was allowed to pull by the flight instructor.

Very disappointing to lose a dogfight against a F-15 suicidally slowing down into the turn without getting the shot for multiple turns but not being able to cash in on the energy advantage myself since the F-15 just hovers or pulls while my Mirage 2000 tumbles about at speeds below 600 km/h.


This was discussed by some of us and will be looked at again after the next flight model changes goes live.

Last time the flight instructor performance was brought up, the developers stated,

“AoA is limited for better handling (mouse aim causes pitch and yaw oscillations at high aoa for all mirages) and better energy saving during tight turns. Higher the angles slows down the mirages to 200-300km/h very quickly. Current limits is the best compromise between energy saving, controllability and agility.”

You can see here that the devs were concerned that Air RB players will “slow down” too quickly and bleed too much speed so they limited the AoA.

But, the next major should increase the sustain rate across the speed of 550 km/h to 1,400kmh. So it will be worth asking them to “loosen” the instructor again after they implement the next change. Another bug report will be submitted.

Even fighting sim M2K with mouse aim M2K is such a drastic noticeable difference for me with sim M2Ks feeling like UFOs, and so the eventual goal is to bring mouse aim performance as close as possible to sim performance.


I’ve started switching control modes in air rb because the limiter gets me killed so often it really is a shame.


IIR PGMs missing


What control mode do you switch to? I’m just starting to touch the waters of sim so its all new to me rn.

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Id recommend a HOTAS if you’re gonna get in sim, but i do know players that swear by mouse joystick. HOTAS is a lot more intuitive though imo. The plane kinda flies like a glove, particularly when paired with VR.

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very situational usually switch to full real and just hold c and use wasd

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Damn man.^^

I really hope Gaijin takes another look.
At the usually rather high speeds being flown on average any plane has decent energy retention if one pulls carefully. So much so that people full sending it with airbreak and all profit from illogical decisions to easily especially if the room or time is not available to make them regret this approach.
Energy management goes both ways certainly but RB at top tier feels a little to much like arcade used to.
Having attention to detail or careful keyboard handling rewarded would be nice.

That Mirage 2000 or even SU-27 of all planes are having issues with nose authority at lower speeds is especially painful.

Do you have a video of this by any chance? Interested in seeing that :)

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Just turning controlls to sim in air rb feels like hacking.

Better management of sustained turn rates, much better AOA authority at all airspeed, especially subsonic speeds.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xUE1gUjXaY an older clip but shows how i use it in other cases to get a magic off fast after an over shoot or if I’m turning around to again get a magic off would have never got that shot that soon if i didnt

Tbh they should make a mode with difficulty between Air RB and SB, maybe an RB with SB Control. This would attract a lot of Air RB Player who doesn’t like first person control and still want to experience SB-esque gameplay.

This at least would solve FM Issue that were limited by Instructor by the dev.

Nothings stopping you from using SB controls in RB, Instructor is linked to control modes, not gamemodes…

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The issue is that full real controls with mouse and keyboard are a bit of a pain…

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I know players that only play sim with mouse and keyboard, so it obviously can be done. Also doesnt change the fact that the guy was already asking for “a mode with difficulty between Air RB and SB, maybe an RB with SB Control.” so your argument is irrelevant to that point.

If you don’t like the instructor on an aircraft and would rather play it without instructor, there is literally NOTHING stopping you from just learning how to play with full real controls instead, mouse joystick or HOTAS.

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