Mirage 2000 Thread : Variants, performance, characteristics and sources

It gets better
At least I found M2K to be fun jet
Magic 2 is relatively good missile (if fired in rear aspect, it’s unavoidable. Best firing range is around 2km due to short motor burn time)
S530D is a bit wonky but despite that still scored some kills with it

Just be sure to slow down before any aggressive maneuvering

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530D shouldn’t be in this state tho… It literaly served as a basis for MICA, 530D kinematics and drag coefficient as well as the seeker that seems to bug often are still quite far from what it could really do.

I played both Mirage 2000C S5 as well as 5F but the stock grind on them was not as painful.

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T_T I once met F15 players that said F15 stock grind was hell when i hear you say CS5 and 5F stock grind was not painful i can’t help but be comforted in the idea the majority of US players in this game actually have major skill issues.


When these aircraft where added the matchmaker and opposition was different. There might also have been stock Magic 2 if memory serves.
F-15 at does get it’s AIM-7M earlier, also combined with a SRC PD mode. 4 9L should also be mroe practical on average than 2 Magic 1.
The stock flight performance on F-15 should also be forgiving. Stock grind always is a pain though.

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Yeah, I thought as much…
It feels really weird
Say you fire missile at head on target some 6km away
In first stage missile will pull less but as it nears the target it will suddenly pull sharply
I’ve had cases where missile actually missed the target
I’m not sure it’s supposed to fly like that

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I forgot to precise that : We know for a fact 530D should not be like that and reports have been made for it to be improved but gaijin never finished the work they gave it slight buffs months ago i think it was on La Royale update and then nothing. While some reports are still open and unfixed…

I was extremely hyped by the M4K but sadly, even after some bug reports, it didn’t come out as I hoped gameplay-wise. It’s much slower than the M2K in an Air RB scenarios, and it bleeds much more speed in supersonic turns.
Ofc it’s still very strong but I think the combination of speed and HMD on the M2K-5F make it more fun to play IMO.


We’re not going to lie to each other here they fucked it up it has twice the Thrust of a 2K and a better T/W and still i don’t know how but they fucked up it’s drag by i dunnon how much of a factor and it make it unable to go to it’s real speed of 2400 km/h at high alts + doesn’t have enough accel. the FM is broken while Gripen and F15 even if it seem not are full op from my pov add to this the fact gaijin denied many gripen “nerfs” that are just reality re-establishment because one of the devs like the gripen. Just to show you how rotten is gaijin sometimes.

This is wrong. Gaijin nerfed many aspects of Gripen already (some even with “fake” reports). It’s just that Gripen also received fixes along these changes so it remains strong

But still not entirely unnerfed.

Common theme, my pattern recognizing brain is seeing when Ziggys’ spamming up a thread.

@DirectSupport Do you also wonder why Gaijin hasn’t fully modeled the instability of F-16, M2K, etc yet? Seems high priority to me but they’re ignoring it.

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Maybe because their system of Mouse gameplay is limited ^^"

All I can say is that the M4K matches its supersonic climbchart. Saddly we don’t have a specific chart for acceleration so we can’t do much on that side.

Also note that the M2K went through a lot of changes and that it might be overperforming in acceleration. Again, we don’t have a lot of sources to work with.

I’ll look into the top speed, might get something out of it.

Edit: also, it’s important to remember that the M4K’s drag can’t be extrapolated from the M2K FM. It’s not just 1.5 times the size for 1.5 times the drag.


Especially when it comes to supersonic flows!


Yup, these are very complex matters

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A perfect description of how I view both jets.

I made a nice edit for you Mirage 2000 lovers :)


The 2000C-S4 prior to the matchmaker update was a very strong all rounder purely due to specific team comps with french aircraft being put into top tier games.

Its a lot more balanced now, and imho is one of the best gunfighters at top tier. Its stock grind is not that bad as 90% of the planes you are facing are signficantaly inferior dogfighters. The only planes that can easily outmatch me (or at least make me work extremely hard) are gripens and F-16s

Its a plane that requires you to manage your energy and not get too slow, but even if you do get somewhat slow its ability to pull lead and make a high AOA snap shot is incredible.