Mirage 2000 Thread : Variants, performance, characteristics and sources

I still have not recovered from the stock grind.
To be fair soemtiems it were just the teams. Compared to some F-16 right now Mirage 2000 S4/5 is pure bliss as well of course.

530D is now locking onto and trying to hit chaffs, very cool

every missile does



It should have been named mirage technically, but Marcel dassault wanted a throwback at the Ouragan. Ouragan referring to wind, so does the Rafale.

It is a brand new aircraft tho. Doesn’t look much like a mirage wether it’s inside or outside.

Nono, every missile but one does that. The Sparrows have become just as bad as the 530s with the exception they get a bit more range

Do we have any charts for AoA or Turn rate capabilities of the aircraft ?? I’m not sure Dassault have such information available to the public, but I’ll look into it.

Hey guys, any reason why the S4 and S5 have only two Magics while 5F has four?

it should be the other way around but gaijin goofed

What do you mean by “based off”?

Mirage IV, 2000 and 4000 are completely new designs, only sharing the general delta layout/design philosophy with the Mirage III / 5 variants.



The Mirage 2000 is the first ever to have been CAD modelized

The whole plane is similar, because the technology of Flight were similar at that time of development, yet the aircrafts is entirely redone, rethinked and upgraded.

You can’t say that Mirage 2000 is a III that have been simply refitted with on-board systems.

Both of them have close to nothing in common, outside general shape.


For now it’s just a balancing/unique feature, may change after MICA introduction. Trickzzter himself said on a report that for now it’ll remain like this but isn’t excluded from changing in the future and knowing how trickzzter can be if he says that then it means it could really happen. But still take it with a pinch of salt.

There’s no way you seriously believe that they just added on to the original design to get the M2K. That’s a difference of 20 years… lol

The Mirage 2000 is literally in the exact same boat. It was designed “from scratch” just as much as the Rafale was. They just have the same name and are both deltas. But so is the Rafale.

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No, they are literally based off the original design. You know why? Because they called it a Mirage.

The Rafale is a new design and they named it that.

They called it the 2000 because that was the mirage that will take Dassault into the turn of century.

It’s nothing but a Mirage with 4th generation technologies. It’s based if the original designs that was drawn on a piece of paper by hand many years ago.

You know why? Because it’s called a mirage and there is absolutely nothing different about it other than it has 4th generation technologies.

Get over it. You are operating completely on feelings here.
You want to know something else that is probably going to hurt your feelings?

The Mirage is obsolete. It’s a dead design. Dassault has completely washed their hands with it.

Yeah they literally added 4th generation technologies, FBW, Digital PD radar, droop flaps, strakes technologies of the 1980s and called it the 2000.

Just because you slap in technologies of the era does not make it a “completely new design.”

Dassault did not think those additions qualified it as a new design. That is why they still called it A MIRAGE.

What do you think the word based off means? Look it up.


The Mirage 2000 is based of the original design of the 1950’s. This is real basic logic here.

The name says nothing. Mirage III/5 and 2000 have completely different airframes. Trust me, I’ve worked enough on Mirages to know.

Claiming the Mirage 2000 is differing from the Mirage III only in its 4th generation technology would be about as smart as claiming the Thunderchief is the same, somewhat improved variant of the Thunderstreak, to take an US example…


You are intentionally making it more complex than it has to be.

Is the F-15E strike eagle a new fighter or is a fighter based off an original design?

Answer that question.

Is the F-15EX a completely new design or is it one based off the original eagle with upgraded technologies?

Ah, perfect example!

I’d say the 15E is a development based on the earlier F-15 variants, as is the EX. Or the SUper Hornet a derivative based on the Legacy Hornet.

BUT the Mirage 2000 does NOT share the same relationship to the Mirage 3 as the Strike Eagle and Eagle do!

They are completely different airframes! Not a single spar the same between 3 and 2000!


Yes, sound logic.

Why? it has upgraded technologies, altered fuselage and both have precision ground strike capabilities.

Why does this standard apply that you just agreed with only to US aircraft but not French?