Mirage 2000 Thread : Variants, performance, characteristics and sources

Isn’t the magic 2 supposed to have IRCCM with .45 degrees after launch and not .75 like the r-73. Isn’t it also supposed to have IRCCM like the aim9M integrated as well?


Why is it not in the game then?

devs probs keeping it in there pocket for when more missiles come

It does have IRCCM, but not as strong as the AIM9M one

which he said and it is supposed to have both im assuming he is referring to this bug report which smin said is still open


All French targeting pods have been reported and should get a countdown timer. This should give you an ETA of how long before your weapon reaches the target, making it very valuable information to have. Thanks to Mimino and LeGrandSarrazin who shared videos that helped these reports.

Damocles targeting pod should have a time-to-target countdown timer. Community Bug Reporting System

CLDP targeting pod should have a time-to-target countdown timer. Community Bug Reporting System

ATLIS targeting pod should have a time-to-target countdown timer. Community Bug Reporting System


should it work for all laser weaponry or just for say AS-30L

For all laser weaponry.

In the ATLIS report, on the 3rd source, you can even see that the Jaguar dropped a heavy bomb and it still provided a time-to-target countdown.


maybe its possible, but in the context of a typical RB battle, ive never red lined in a straight line without diving at least a little, even on the bigger maps (full fuel 8 magics), I have all mods aside from CAS ones.

very different from M2K in that regard

Agree, I kinda disappointed that Mirage 4000 barely can keep its 1500 km/h speed in level flight at sea level, I would prefer Mirage 2000 if it still like this. Even Flogger MLD can still accelerate over their rip speed. If this a nerf to compensate Mirage 4000 position at 12.3, I hope they’ll buff it to her real performance when the BR decompressed to 12.7.

Also, they still haven’t buffing Mirage 2000 rip speed that was handicapped.

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I’ve good hope we’ll see some buffs to the M4Ks supersonic acceleration.

Sadly the M2K report was denied:


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To think that if they really buffed the M2K rip speed I think it makes M4K existence redudant. Yeah I hope they’ll buff the acceleration. I don’t mind the lack of HMD, it’s just the top speed are very meh (even in high altitude M4K can’t reach above 1.5 Mach which is absurd).


for now yes, maybe, but once M2K-5F gets mica, it wont be redundant since itll be the plane to play after M4K, rather than in parallel.

You forget M4K carries at least twice as many missiles, and has a higher energy gain rate.


absolutely, ability to carry 8 R550s or 6 R550 + 2 S530D is very big improvement over 2000 series. 4000 won’t be surpassed until we get proper ARH missiles. Rip speed have to be changed to at least mach 1.3-1.5 on 2000-5 in order to be actually worth playing over the 4000.

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The Snail choose to give M4K in later configuration where it could carry less missile

you mean the centerline pylon? doesn’t it can only carry singe super 530F which is pretty much dead weight?

There was a lot of debate about it on dev side of forum for M4K