Mirage 2000 Thread : Variants, performance, characteristics and sources

You guess gajin might plan consider upgrade Mirage 2000-5F from france tech tree 2024-2025 ?

Rafale M LF1, Rafale C F1 and Rafale M F1 dev consider Q4 2024 or Q3 2025 ?

But Rafale F2 gaijin consider after Rafale F1 1 or 2 year ?

Yes. Will constantly be updated and fixed.

No, I think they will skip F1. Just like how they skipped Mirage 2000C-S1/2/3/4.

Maybe not because in fact as Rafale F1 doesn’t have OSF but still can carry MICA EM and Magic 2, that should have been fixed since then, without benefiting advanced features like it’s IRST and Optronic sight so it could be used as a smooth transition from M2K5F to Rafale without giving too much power to it or it will be used before the addition of the first Rafale TT version as an event vehicle.
Because imo if Mirage2000-C first versions were skipped was because they were too little changes bewteen the version whereas From M2K5 to Rafale F1 you’d be getting a PESA radar and then thy’d probably skip F2 standard to straight go for F3 standard with the AESA RBE2 i think


Rafale C F1 and Rafale M F1 without advanced infrared homing Air-to-Air Missile MICA IR only but gaijin might be skip ?

I guess Mirage 2000C-S1 might be event vehicle rank VIII

CS1 will never be a thing or at least not a rank VIII too poopy for the rank and BR because RDM is cwap.

Only LF.1 and early F.3 lacks OFS, all other Rafale have it.

To be fair, I think Gaijin skipped the Mirage 2000C S1-3 for good reasons; mostly cause of the fact that these would still been stuck with S.530F and less CMs.

S3 would have been a good dogfighter and decent BVR user if they had ever came around to fixing the Super 530F. 530F is supposed to be faster than SuperTEMP and might be next patch. It just needed chaff resistance. And a 50G Magic 1 would have sufficed as well.

If the M2K-5 gets MICA IR and HMS, then there would be little reasons to get the F1 as that would be a downgrade imo. It would have no HMS and no MICA IR.

Why not both? People seem to think there’s no reason for earlier models like C-S3… But why not? Add some variety to the tech tree and give people options to play with. Like F-15 and F-14, neither is particularly better than the other.

I guess they’re worried people won’t grind top tier France if there’s too many grind wall.

Bug report update, there’s still a lot of things left to be fixed on the Mirage 2000 family as well as its weaponry. Currently there are now atleast 29 bug reports open. I made a list of all the reports below:


Flight model:
Mirage 2000 behaves unlike an aircraft with relaxed stability
Community Bug Reporting System

Wrong CM dispenser
Community Bug Reporting System

Flares should be alternating between Mirage 2000C and Mirage 2000-5F
Community Bug Reporting System

Mirage 2000D-R1 incorrect stock CM number
Community Bug Reporting System

Flares should be alternating on Mirage 2000D-R1
Community Bug Reporting System

No cannon smoke on the mirage 2000 5F
Community Bug Reporting System

Targeting pods should always face up with the horizon.

Mirage-2000D-R1 CLDP thermal sight not working

RDI radar has incorrect radar model
Community Bug Reporting System

Mirage 2000-5F should get helmet-mounted sight

Mirage 2000C-S5 (and Mirage 2000D, Mirage 2000-5F) is missing the DDM 2000 IR Receiver
Community Bug Reporting System

Mirage 2000 family lacks the green afterburner indicator
Community Bug Reporting System

Mirage 2000C Incorrect RWR
Community Bug Reporting System

Cockpit display does not show correct zoom.
Community Bug Reporting System

Cockpit display does not show the correct resolution.
Community Bug Reporting System

Mirage 2000-5F is missing TWS PD

RDY radar missing automatic waveform management

Super 530D should be able to be fired in TWS

RDY radar has missing air to air and air to ground modes

The Super 530D should have time-to-target readjusted

Super 530D is missing about 23% in front lock-range.

Super 530D should have a more restrictive guidance

Mirage 2000D (and 2000-5F) is missing payload options

Magic 2 lacks resistance against countermeasures
Community Bug Reporting System

Magic 1 and magic 2 missile should have 50g manoeuvrability
Community Bug Reporting System

AS-30 should have SAP-HE warhead
Community Bug Reporting System

AS-30L should have LOAL capability
Community Bug Reporting System

AS-30 should have a range of 12km
Community Bug Reporting System

PGM bombs should not self-explode
Community Bug Reporting System


as well as @WreckingAres283 's Community Bug Reporting System CM report

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Thanks, that will be included.

Are the RDY scan rate and patterns realistic/verified?
I pretty much only use TWS HDN 120x3 degrees, no way the TWS is that narrow IRL vertically when the entire radar is specifically designed to track multiple targets simultaneously

I’m gonna guess yes for scan rate, as far as patterns and narrow bars probably not.

The RDY document I’m attempting to obtain should document this.


I noticed that if you lock an enemy plane with the targeting pod it will give you the 3d person cannon hit indicator.
Not sure if this is a bug, but it is helpful for Air RB

In test flight I had radar turned off and a lock with the targeting pod(with or without laser) gives the indicator

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did the mirage 2000d ever have anything more than 2 magics?


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The modernized version can use MICA, if that’s what you’re asking

i know about the upgraded rmv just wasn’t sure if the r1 could carry more

and i wonder if we could ever see this gunpod in game

i know its on the f1cs but would be nice to free up the center pilon