Mirage 2000 Thread : Variants, performance, characteristics and sources

Dumb bombs are still being carried on Rafale and were in fact added quite late; F.3R.

Pictures are just really rare.


According to the French Ministry of Defense the 2000-D can only fire Mk82s

Mirage 2000 D | Ministère des Armées (defense.gouv.fr)

Oof hope it’s not only 250 kg that has been approved lul. because 6 bombs is like… Not much. I mean from a real life perspective i could understand it’s enough for the missions that involve these loads but in WT it would be meh if it’s only 250kg that can be carried.

Mk.81 / 82 / 83 were cleared for the Tri-Bomb rack.


according to this image and this source, the Mk81 and Mk82 bombs were validated on the triple rammer, the Mk83 for the double one, but the Mk84 is in single carriage

RAFALE : Armements et emports - RAFALE : The omnirole fighter (omnirole-rafale.com)

The figure is, as many other, not fully accurate and I don’t recommend using such as reference (wouldn’t be accepted for reports or similar anyway).

I have a figure at the end of the Rafale thread which is more accurate and meets all current Standards;

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Edit: this site announces that the Mirage 2000-D could carry 400kg (880 lbs) bombs, however I am not sure of the source

all sources contradict each other for the validity of carrying bombs larger than the Mk82 on the Mirage 2000. It is possible that the only bomb weighing more than 250kg on board the Mirage-2000 is the BM-400 and the Belouga, modular cluster bombs.

gaijin would accept the load out if the pylon is capable, no?

Nope it has to be supported by visual or textual confirmation that it has been tested or done.

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No, for example the Mirage 4000 could “potentially” carry 14 magic 2 but there are not pictures with this amount of missiles so we are getting the current amount

Fake leak list had the Mirage 2000D RMV

Seems pretty similar to the 2000D already in-game? Just has a better Tpod.

Anything else notable about the RMV?

yes there is those pods. i did a suggestion on the bug report forum a long time ago, it is still around.


the pod is avalable on the 2000 and the F1

central pilon

and it is specified on all the load chart i have seen of the 2000 varients

From what i know (so take it with a grain of salt):

After the 2000D R1 we can have at least 2 others upgrades :

Mirage 2000D R2
-Twin bomb racks for guided bombs on the wing.
-Damocles third generation targeting pods
-Apache missile

Mirage 2000D RMV
-Main difference i can remember right now is the use of MICAs.

Now i miss probably some other details but here some differencies.

But yep the RMV would be a pretty good upgrade over the R1, with everything the R2 gonna add to it plus fox3.

Except it’s MICA IR that has been fitted for RMV not the EM because Antilope Radar of D series(All) is A2G not A2A

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So technically a true leveling of Mirage 2000D R1 really is 2000D R2 and then RMV with GBU 49, Gunpod and MICA IR

The Antilope V used on Mirage 2000D’s still have a A-A mode, but as limited as the A2G range (12km)

It is good enough to slave IR heads-on a target.

Here we go, M2K getting more on par with Gripen as the best Delta Wing Top Tier Fighter.

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Let them have it while they can. I think in a year tops, rafale could arrive and end the game for delta wing performances

It’s getting a nerf at low speeds, it’s not so clear cut.

im wondering to how noticeable it will be because of mouse aim at low speeds