Minor Consistency Fix

I originally wanted to make this a formal suggestion but have since been told that it doesn’t qualify since it’s a minor client-side fix, so I thought I might raise this here to see if other people agree.
So basically, right now when you shoot down a helicopter, the kill message says “Helicopter Shot Down”. This is in stark contrast with the other messages that says “Target Destroyed” or “Aircraft Destroyed”, which makes it look rather out of place. Do you guys think it should instead be replaced with “Helicopter Destroyed”? Is there any other game messages that you guys think need to be changed?
I know this can be resolved with the aforementioned file edit, but I think having this inconsistancy in the vanilla game just makes the game look a bit unpolished.

This is already an inconsistency, “target” rather than “ground vehicle”

Gaijin doesn’t hire UI designers and doesn’t want player feedback on it either. What a silly company.

I would rather keep the heli message the same and change the olane one to “aircraft shot down”

I can largely accept “Target” as something of an all-encompassing term (helis used to go by Target Destroyed too once upon a time), since it’d be weird to see “Ground Vehicle Destroyed” when you yourself are a ground vehicle.

You might be you might also be a helicopter or an aircraft.

It’s also an enemy kill message I don’t think there’s much possible confusion there.

One possible solution but I think there’s value to specific messages which denote the type of vehicle you just destroyed, imagine you had set a plane on fire and it crashes right when you lob HE at a light tank but miss. You see “target destroyed” and think it’s the light tank, yet it’s actually the plane from before.

“Ground vehicle destroyed”

“Aircraft destroyed”

“Helicopter destroyed”

To me seems the most logical options.

The Heli shot down message was intended to notify a player when the helicopter was acutally dead. This was just before severe damage became a mechanic. This is why it seems inconsistent between the messages.

Yeah, it works for when you aren’t in ground vehicles, but when you are, it does seem off.
As a compromise, I can see a breakdown of “Target Destroyed” into something more specific like

  • SPAA Destroyed
  • Tank Destroyed
  • Tank Destroyer Destroyed
  • IFV Destroyed

All with the format of “[vehicle type] Destroyed” instead of seemingly random other ways to describe a vehicle kill.

I don’t think there’s game code to support this. Asking Gaijin to add new game code might actually warrant a suggestion.

Huh, interesting. I still don’t fully see why they couldn’t just go with “Destroyed” from the get go, but good to know.

Fair enough