Mine protection modification is useless!

While other nations recieve spall liners, LWS, new shells, APS
USA gets mine protection as a new modifiction for the SEP v2

Since USA’s winrate is on the ground now with no news of making it better for them to not suffer in top tier, gaijin adds object 292 with the best shell ingame and in history of warthunder to make russia’s winrate goes up, while usa suffers for years now, cheeks are getting penetrated on daily basis.

USA is in diar need of a new shell the M829A3 to make the american mains suffer least and winrate go up at least a bit + trophy system can be mounted on the sep v2 but instead gaijin adds the mine protection like there’s mines in realistic battles and they care about us.


America is fine, luv my abrooms sure i get penned but i have nearly 3.0 kd in all my abrams i think the 5 sec reload buff was a bad addition i didnt need but i have been clapping enemy vehicles non stop with that buff. Most america other america ground players i see that whine are the same folks who bought premium abrams and dont understand the game. Now gaijin gib M1A1 HA with 50x zoom pls


Spall liners won’t make players’ skill increase.


Back when i was spading 2A7 i really wanted to believe the mine protection does something, like make LFP slightly more imprevious to some small calibre rounds etc. In the small area its covered.

It literally does nothing.

The only useful thing about is if someone is shooting big HE shells under you, which, honestly, how often does it happen?

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Wait ao you are upset over the mine package, get with the program nobody actually equips it, and the US having it doesnt mean the end of the world. You should be thankful they even let us remove the mine package on vehicles because weve been blessed that gaijin doesnt decide to pull another small brain move like adding landmines pre planted on every map. That would be worse then strike drones at 9.0 lmao.

Im not OP tho?

My bad chief


I was just sharing thoughts on mine protection thats all.

Adding more modifications that are useless is good for a vehicle, because it decreases the research price of the modifications that are actually worth having. That mine protection modification decreased the price of the thermals and M829A2 modification, making your spade a lot easier. All the nonsense about usa’s winrate is just unsubstantiated conjecture based off bad sources. Only gaijin knows what the winrates are, the community certainly doesnt.


it does increase ur survivability rate and instead of dying by a one shot, u get a chance to see how shot u and even u can survive two shots, and that’s a big improvement to the abrams.

America isn’t fine at all, have u seen top tier lately? its a big mess, literally russians push through u and u’re done, 1 shot to every part of ur tank, i mean yeah skill play a big part but damn those spall liners really give a big advantage on the battlefield.

No addition will ever fix the massive skill issue that is U.S players.

They have some of the best tanks at 11.7, yet are on average are absolutely terrible.

This has nothing to do with the vehicles themselves, yet everything to do with how bad the average U.S player is.


I haven’t had a spall liner work against my shots yet, but time will tell as I continue playing.
Maybe 30< top BR matches isn’t enough to tell.
T-90Ms dying in one shot, Leopard 2s…
Mostly been playing Leclerc this last month not using M829A2 or DM53’s lolpen.

US isn’t bad, they have awesome vehicles. problems are the players who refuse to learn and change playstyles and premiums that allow new players to skip and not learned how WT works.

stop glazing gaijin, the winrate is a trusted source to read and know every nation’s wins in top tier, is the nation doing good and the matchmaking putting them nations in a good and well made team, or it’s just a bad tank, u can see the video where he explain how they calculate every nation winrate, and yeah adding useless modifications to a certain tank has two faces, first decreases the research price, and second adding no value to the tank whatsoever, instead of filling the research modifications with useful parts to research instead they add mine protection what a joke.

try to shoot a t90m to the sides, or a t80bvm, i literally saw a t80bvm survive multiple shots from a challenger that’s been shooting it to the same spot (i was hiding repairing my gun) when i was done repairing i shot to the turret it died instantly, but it can survive many hits to the side, and i shot a t90m to the side and i aimed low to hit the ammo down there but naah it did nothing and he just turned his turret against me and shot me and blew up

That’s literally how I killed the T-90Ms, ammo racks.
BVM doesn’t have a spall liner BTW.

Gaijin gonna add mines later, is a possibility? Could be added, just never know the devs end goal with a game unless they release a statement saying their end goal.

When/if we get mines:


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I mean it could be worse, as already mentioned even being useless having them as a modification is beneficial to others as it makes other modifications easier to research to get the actually useful ones. Also just some food for thought but perhaps in some cases its better to have mine protection as a separate modification from any armor package modification, and the reason I mention this is that the M1A2 SEP while lacking a straight up mine protection modification does have it as the TUSK modification for it also includes the mine protection with it that you have on the SepV2 which honestly in my view is what makes the SepV2 superior since it gets armor that actually has the potential to be useful but without being forced to take the armor which very much lacks that potential of improved survivability.

Though as for the American win rates I’m sorry but I don’t think M829A3 is going to make it any better, and I am not saying this with the idea it wouldn’t be better at all but the big issue with America in the game is that their teams are the worst at top tier so much so that while the Abrams is very capable of a vehicle a majority I would say are incapable to using it to its full potential and drag everyone on their team down with them. If it weren’t such an issue I wouldn’t have been able to have a win rate of 71% with my 2A7V still after over playing 100 battles in it as while its certainly good the fact that it is still that high is absurd to me and its the vehicle with the highest win rate in terms of top tier vehicles I have and my Leopard 2PSO is not much different as its still over 60% with a similar amount of battles. At the same time my M1A2 SEP has one of the worst win rates of my top tier MBT’s yet from playing it I don’t feel the main issue when playing it has ever been the vehicle itself but the teammates I have, and when I have had competent American teams the Abrams can very much dominate a match. No matter how good the vehicle is it isn’t going to do very well if the user can’t even utilize it properly.

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it’s side armor that’s overrated ash