Milk truck AA dispatching 700kph+ Harrier while on the move (video)

Video Linked. After watching it back im almost seeing the funny side, my anger only makes it more laughable.
Commentary explains my complete disbelief that milk truck ww2 AA is taking me out with remarkable efficiency.

I enter the combat zone and within 10 seconds im removed, this is consistent and repeatable. If this was anything close to realistic we would still be building M42s today. Im sure everyone here is a military analyst, and they understand the effectiveness of unguided AA in the real world.
I thought this was “fixed”?
Yes Im flying in a straight line but that AA has no right to hit that.

Second note, HVAR rockets seem to be pretty inconsistent against ground AT guns, sometimes wounding on direct impact, but will happily ammo a leopard 2k.

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In recent updates overall Sim EC AA has been nerfed a lot for bases and airfields, but for ground battles it’s still a tad too powerfull and for convoys absurdely powerful and should be fixed.

So we still have no other chance except kill the convoy SPAAGs with stand off weapons (Mavericks), before closing in to kill the rest of the convoy.

But yes, even with a Warthog with its large weapons load, going after a convoy is not something I do often…

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Using standoff ordinance against AA is correct, but at my BR I dont have any standoff, if I had Sidearms and it was radar AA then fair play, if I had some sort of AGM then fair play.

In my current config I should be completely able to clean a convoy up, but unguided milktrucks somehow still supreme.

I really hope this gets fixed, its such a simple thing, force milktrucks to stop to fire and atleast tripple the time it takes to range you in so you can get some free passes on it before needing to disengage. Or just flat out reduce its accuracy. It cant be anything more than a quick fix for the devs, I bet they dont even know its broken though :(

Im fairly certain they’ve undone some of those nerfs. Battlefields still feel… okay. But convoys are definetly back to pre-nerf levels and bases I dont think ever got a nerf, unless I missed it. Though AFs feel less dangerous for some reason

That isnt specific to your br. In all tiers convoy and base ai snipe you at 2km without any problems. I was just sniped in seafire while dogfighting at point base was like 1.5km from me.

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