Mikuma is a Heavy cruiser not a light cruiser

The mikuma is a heavy cruiser yet it shows light cruiser in the menu (i own it so i see it all the time) and it pisses me off when all the knowlage was public them the Mikuma was a heavy cruiser of the Imperial Japanese Navy The second vessel in the four-ship Mogami class is there a way for me to get gaijin to fixe this? cause id like to fix it ill give proper links if possable (this is my first time using forums here so i dont knwo if i put it in the right place)

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Says for my game heavy your/s is possibly bugged.

everytime i see it its a light cruiser i have reinstalled the game a few times so its not bugged for me from what i know

Hm in the configuration it’s in the Mikuma does sport the 15× 15.5 cm/60 3rd year cannons to get past the naval treaties of the time & by general game standards those guns do make her a light even if historically they were planned to have 10× 20.3cm/50 3rd year cannons which would make them heavies.

Still which ever it truly is the game has many many naval classification errors in game including a few for japan from torpedo boats to destroyers to even cruisers.


ah well i do hope they fix it soon cause it may be a a tiny issue but it annoys me to hell when i play it and see her icon be light and not heavy

The definitions of heavy and light cruiser come from the London Naval Treaty of 1930, although they are NOT called that. The text is conveniently reformated here - History and Technology - London Conference of 1930 - NavWeaps

Both are limited to 10,000 tons displacement by the general terms of the treaty, and the total tonnage and number of type (a) cruisers is specified in Article 16. The number of type (b) cruisers is not specified, but there is a maximum total tonnage allowed for them.

By this and later definitions the Mikuma is a light cruiser as built in 1936 due to having 6.1" guns.

However when it was rearmed with 8" guns in 1939 it becomes a heavy cruiser - but this configuration is not the one in the game.


This configuration actually is in the game, with her sister ship IJN Mogami, lead ship of her class, a tech tree CA.

Mikuma is a snapshot of how they were before the guns were swapped, which as you correctly said would count as a light cruiser due to the armament.


Yes they were all eventually rearmed with 8" guns - although the AA armament on Mikuma is actually the later version - the original had only 4 x 40mm guns (Brit pom-pom) and no 25 or 13.2mm according to wiki.

Personally I prefer the 15 x 6" - they fire faster and there’s 50% more of them - WT really doesn’t reward having the 8" guns


Well, it says heavy for me so def an issue for you. Wait nvm.

You are right, after digging it seems all Mogami classes had an AA upgrade between 1938-1940. However, this means that Suzuya (1937), also in the tech tree, is incorrect as it’s also got the improved AA, while it should have the original 4x40mm. Of course, that might be a balance issue.

It’s interesting to hear that (I don’t play naval), since my experience with them are from WoWs, where the exact same opinion is commonplace. You can swap out the guns, but few do due to the massive DPM loss for little gain.


It’s a shame the Tone-class never had triple 6", that’d be rather fun.

that would yea

naval is quite fun in WT on the right maps i suggest ya give it a try

Many many classification errors period. It’s not even limited to naval.

It is because the naval combat and damage model doesn’t resemble “real life” in the slightest - in reality few hits were scored compared to het number of shells fired, so the damage from each hit was important - not “DPM”. This favors hits from heavier guns.

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That is because every nation has their own classification system… some ships maybe classed as Battle Cruisers, yet some other nations classify it as a Heavy Cruiser and maybe even just as a Cruiser by others…

There is no real world wide universal classification system… every nation will pretty much use their own system to classify something… since tonnage is important…

one nation could claim that tug boat was a battleship, and so that would not work with a nations system to classify tonnage…

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Wikipedia aint the best source, but the armament for Suzuya matches the one ig.

I found this source during my digging, which was the most complete one I came across and backed @Josephs_Piano’s claim of 4x40mm being the starting loadout.

From what i found all but Suzuya had the 4x 40 mm when built. While Suzuya had what is mentioned above, but this source also says 4x 13.2 mm and 8x 25 mm,so basically what wiki says but without mentioning it being dual mounts.

I can find nothing in the source I linked that suggests Suzuya was completed with a differing AA loadout than the other three. If you have a competing source, I’d be interested in seeing it.