Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29 Fulcrum - History, Design, Performance & Dissection

Does RD-33 series 2 engine have any thrust vectoring or similar system?
An airforce pilot once said to me that series 2 has thrust vectoring. (he was a new pilot btw)

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I hope we get the MiG-35 or the MiG-29M-2 at some point
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“The Stealth Hunter”



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This engine was used in the OVT?

As you can see

Only Mig-29M OVT demonstrator with RD-133 used tvc

Vzlet_2005_№ 8-9…


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Why is it called the stealth hunter?

It hunts the F-35 lol

Removing the R-27ER from the 9.12 and 9.13 would really help with balance at 11.0-12.0br, though the problem is that the Mig 29 would now have worse IR missiles, slightly worse radar missiles, and a horrible FM, which would likely cause the Mig 29 to drop from 12.0 to 11.7br, which tbh would be very unbalanced for many 10.7-11.3br aircraft.

Especially when comparing the Mig 29 9.12 and 9.13 with the F-16A and F-14B, there would be absolutely no reason to play the Mig 29 as a result, unless these aircraft moved up in BR.

It’s either that or the FM of the Mig 29 is buffed (which so far seems unlikely to happen considering the FM of the Su-27 when introduced and now)


to me it would make sense if they removed the r27er while improving the fm and adding r73s, but like you said for now it’s kinda unlikely. I DO think there will be a rework for the fulcrum and the flanker respective FMs at some point, but i could take a loooooong time for that to happen, remember that the mig23s got their FMs nerfed after almost THREE years.

My theory was that they purposely maintained the russian jets bricked to compensate for their ordinance and once the west recieved decent missiles to compete or outperform Russia regarding BVR, they would improve their FMs, but it has been like almost a month since the update came live and nothing was done, so yeah it shouldn’t be expected very soon.


While the R-73s would be amazing to have on the Mig 29, the problem is that it’s BR would just move to 12.7br. The Belgium F-16A in game has Aim 9Ms at 12.3br, though its already known its undertiered. Like at this point, having a Mig 29 with R-73s and R-27R/T at 12.7br would be pointless as the Su-27 exists at 12.7br as well and is pretty much better than the Mig 29 in that regard.

This was my theory as well at first, but now it doesn’t look like that is happening considering the Aim 120s currently are the best radar missiles in game, meanwhile Mig 29 and Su-27 FM have not be buffed or reworked.

At this point the Mig 29 has three options: Removal of R27ER of current Mig 29 and drop to 11.7br (Unbalanced), Remove R27ER and give R-73s and uptiering it to 12.7br (Unbalanced and pointless), or keep what we currently have (Still unbalanced but the less worst option). All options are quite literally unbalanced as either it has the Mig 29 too oppressive over 10.7-11.3br aircraft, or has it quite frankly underpowered at 12.7br. I literally hate to even say this but keeping the R27ER is whats currently keeping the Mig 29 in a somewhat balanced state.

The only real way to balance the Mig 29 would be to remove the R27ER and to buff its FM, but that will be very unlikely to happen.


I’d accept a mig29 with reworked fm without r73s, the fm is all that matters to me, unfortunately it’s hard to believe they’ll do something about it.


“They do not need to upgrade their existing 9-12s & 9-13 that are just sitting there”

(not familiiar with forum UI so yeah)

MiG-29SMT 9.19 exists, some are based off old 9.12s and 13s while others are built from the ground up if I remember correctly, so clearly they did need to upgrade their old MiG-29s at some point (2014-2016+)

(There’s also export SMTs like Yemeni 9.18s but those aren’t RuAF stuff so yeah)

I know @skilz2kil is working on improving the FM, as it is currently underperforming in energy retention, which matters a lot right now.

I would to see a fully balanced out MiG-29 with a realistic FM ;)

Best option imo right now is remover ER and allow only 4 R-73 at 12.3


Lack of large caliber cms seems fixed in 0.55 on SMT

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Early soviet, east German and hungarian mig29s will get 12.7 BR

Mig29G will get 13.0 BR

SMT will get 13.3 BR


More like it will forever be hunting for a customer that doesn’t exist because its 20 years passed relevance


They should apply some stealth coating on it and try to sell it as a somewhat stealthy aircraft.