MiG29 get a nerf again

MiG29 aoa basically nerfed. And now get aoa nerf again and get more weight. What is that logic?
I dont see where the usa planes are nerfed. They just buff it because the usamains are stupid as shit.
Its sad to see that this is the only way they can play against the migs. Were the f16c’s stats too bad to nerf the Russian planes again?

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Lol take some copium and how many F-16 has Mig-29 actually taken out irl to make you assume that its magically better most dominate aircraft ever built… And USA nerfs just lol I dont think any pilot would try to defeat an Aim-7M by flying low and straight thats just a death sentence yet ingame I can dodge any sparrow by doing that while drinking my Coffee…

AoA was buffed though. It only affects when you’re using full real controls though.

Yep, from you


who fly full controll in air rb? and why need the full controll when the overbuffed usamain skill optimalized f16 dont need that ?

SIM players, I guess.

This won’t be the last FM change for the Mig-29, don’t panic.

i love the smt in air sim battle. but in air rb with mouse aim controll very very trash and nerfed plane.