Mig-29G Spawning in with 2 Flares only in GRB

Cant upload footage, but seems like when I try to spawn in my mig 29g in GRB for anti cas, it seems to bug out and end up having 2 flares and no chaff at all.

I have the same issue with jets and helis, even if I set the sliders to full.

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This is true for every plane and heli in GRB, I’m sure sure the issue is known and will hopefully have a fix soon.

F16C has the same problem.

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i tried making the flares and chaff equal and it seemed to work the one time i did it, might’ve been luck

This is affecting all aircraft. They know about it so all we can do is wait.

Doesnt seem to be working for me, tried multiple combinations on the MiG-29G, still ending up with 2 Flares and no chaff.

You have to set it like it used to be.
on the glynx, i run mixed, so i set them equal, 45 chaff 45 flares, and it seems to work

Beats the whole purpose of the update