MIG 29G equipment

mig 29SMT is better than mig 29G is comparison, can we perhaps have guided bombs/missiles for the mig 29G? since its nato standards maybe we GBU and AGM will do

The SMT is way worse for ARB. The advantage of the SMT is its BVR capabilities but almost no one does BVR in WT. The 29G dosent get the extre hump with fuel that makes it turn way better and it gets R73, ER and ETs wich it shouldent have


Which ones?

Germany never used R27ER and R27ETs they only used the R27R/T R73 but since a Mig 29 with only R60s and R27R/Ts would kinda suck they gave them ERs even tho its unrealistic. Now the Mig 29G got R73 and 27ER/ETs

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Ye it’s cool. Some redemption for Gaijin always adding German jets too late :)

Yeah… wasn’t germany busy doing the whole reunification thing well before R-27Es were ever put into service?

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How is it better? Stop making sh*t up, the G is better because it is lighter, by more than a ton, it shouldn’t even have the ER or the ET to begin with

Personally I don’t mind the ER/ET and R-73 if it gives parity to the future. It’s not like Germany can get a whole lot of jets beyond this, besides the F-4F ICE and Typhoon, so something to tide them over until the eventual AMRAAM update is fine. And what’s the harm in giving someone an equal to an opponent? If/when ECM is eventually added the MiG-29 (9-13) and MiG-29SMT will have another thing over this one.

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