Mig-23M Radar lock don't work

I can’t lock with the R23R a plane, any alt any speed, any Radar don’t lock

In the video i try lock him since 6KM away of him, and in the regular game (RB) if u try it since 15KM ago, u can’t lock him neither

I had the same problem some time ago.

In the options in air battle settings there is “targets cyclic switching of aircraft radar”. Switch it to yes and you will see these two vertical lines in the middle of your radar disappear and you can lock again.

I have it to yes all the time, and 0 problem before the Mig 23M

First off, you need to stop spamming the lock key so quickly. You aren’t giving the radar a chance to scan for the target. It has to have a chance to search before it can lock. Allow the radar time to show the target on the scope, and then try to lock it. Alternatively, you can use the BVR mode that will automatically lock targets in it’s field. Be a bit more patient with the system, and it will do well for you.

I found a report from 2022 and they don’t fix it yet

pd: I do what u say and still nothing

And that, don’t happen with the Mig 23 MLD (Have the same radar)

Weird, wish I could help more, but I’m not sure whats up.

Yesterday search a solution, i found a Report of the old forum from 2022… And happend the same thing, its weird…

These two lines indicate the option i wrote above is off. The text of this option is weird, it says you can’t switch targets shown on radar, but at the same time you can’t lock manually. You can only lock with acm or hdm which the Mig23M hasn’t.

But if you look at the pic which is a screenshot of your vid, there is no target detected. And I can’t see any target detection in the whole vid. So without a target shown on radar it’s impossible to lock manually.

The radar beam of the Mig23M is above the crosshair. So you have to aim lower to detect the target.

Btw the Mig23MLD has a different Radar including ACM mode. ;-)