Mig 23 MLA. Help plox

I hear that 23s radar sux but its it rlly so hard to lock someone that my but Hurts or i need to know some tricks to use that… Some times im trying to lock and then lock flying on all screen locking every piece od game or hiting hard Button and didnt lock anyrhing OMG help

Try using the ACM mode, i believe the MLA has it, the ML does. you can bind it in the controls:
This will give you basically a box, you point it at the enemy plane and it will try to lock whatever is in that box.

You should also make sure you are using the MTI mode for your radar, bound here:

Thanks i will try.

EDIT: yes much better now.

" staying low, and keep using R-24R in close head ons <5km "

Is this the only way to use R24R ?

R24R doesn’t quite have range. Well, with good launch conditions (6km+, 1mach+, target oblivious to RWR screaming for like a minute) you might be able to pull off 15-20km shot. But since RWR rework and many getting missile launch warning, successful long range shots are rarity. Thus your second best bet are short range (2-4km) launches as it gives little time for enemy to react.

Radar missiles also struggle tracking targets not flying towards you respite solid radar lock, which limit their usefulness a bit.

Thanks for answer, today i shoot on back off the target and rocket get it but it was about 1,2km away