Mig 21s being unplayable at 11.0

mig 21 being unplayable at 11.0. the KD ratio of most mig 21 players are way lower compared to more advanced planes like the f4s and mig 23s. I propose it should be lowered by 0.3 or a br so there are more frequent downteirs.

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Average prem grinder


mig21bis (assuming as 21bis and its variants are only 21s at 11.0) with 6x allaspects at 10.7?

Lmao no.

Yes 21bis suffers with current BRs, even after decompression, but rather to have one plane suffering than entire BR range.

This reminded me of this reddit post ive read year ago how F-4S should to to 10.7, because person that posted it complained he gets shot down in dogfight while carrying full bomb load.

Not saying that is your case, far from it, but the whole BR shift is more nuanced than simply “i think its bad therefore it should be lower”.

With 21bis at 10.7, much inferior 21SMT and 21MF would now sit only 0.4 BR below it.

Not to mention lot of 9.7 planes that would have no chance against 21bis with all aspects.

So again better to have one plane suffer from BR compression than entire BR range.

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People need to stop requesting BR changes based on up/downtiers… 🤦‍♂️

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Just to be saying it,… even if others did:
The problem is between chair and screen.

Fact is MiG-21’s are efficient INTERCEPTORS.

And all is in this term: an interceptor is an aircraft that flies to intercept a target - in such it lack some others capabilities → yet the MiG-21 is a good interceptor.

i can just say one thing “Skill issue”

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