MiG-19: A Great Plane at an Unfortunate BR

I want to talk about the MiG-19.
The 3 variants, the Soviet MiG-19PT, the German MiG-19S, and the Chinese J-6A are placed at the BR rating of 9.3. The Soviet and the Chinese offer a 10G heat seeker missile, and the German offers an extra gun, with improved maneuverability.
When you are top in the lobby, you are a formidable aircraft. These MiGs offer great speed with maneuverability, like any other MiGs. Though the 30mms lacks quantity and are slow at times, the maneuverability makes up for it. However, as any MiG-19 players know, this isn’t the case for most games.
The MiG-19 usually gets placed in 9.7-10.3 lobbies, where 20G, all aspect, radar, even 30G all aspect missiles(Yes I’m looking at you R-60MK and AIM-9Ls) are common. With the MiG-19s lacking any form of countermeasures, your fate is basically sealed when any missile is launched towards you. Granted you can dodge some of the missiles, but most of them will hit you regardless.

The reason is quite simple: BR Compression.
It’s pretty much impossible to compress 70/80 years worth of aviation into 13 levels of battle ratings.
Doing very simple math(80 years/13 battle ratings), every battle rating represents 6 years of advancements. Though this may not seem like much, it is a difference of an entire missile generation or two(AIM-9B: 1958, AIM-9C: 1963, AIM-9D: 1965). I’m aware this example is kind of excessive, but I think everyone can agree that BR compression is a thing.

I’m aware that this probably won’t get fixed, but I just wanted to know how others feel; Going back to the MiG-19s, I’m aware that they can’t lower the BR any more than that. On the other side, they can’t raise it, or it will be unplayable.

What do y’all think about this?

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its one of those planes i would love to actually play and get good with; same with Bf109K.

however i see no point of playing it - mostly because as you mentioned, the everpresent uptiers and all aspects.


Shrimply bring some s5k rockets as makeshift flares and you’re good to go.

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I always found that the MiG-19’s were getting constant downtiers, to the point where I couldn’t play US 8.3 without seeing one in game

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