MiG-15bis - How are you meant to get deflection shots?


The cockpit is very restrictive in the MiG-15 regarding the frontal FoV and I find that while I don’t have that much trouble following people into turns or anything, I lose them immediately when trying to get deflection shots due to the giant framing the canopy has. Are there any tricks I should be doing to mitigate this issue?

Given the low velocity 37mm cannon it has specifically for killing bombers, select only the 23mm and go for nil-deflection shots! :)

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Using only the 23mm’s doesn’t help my case though

Because there is no help when you play sim and have the cockpit view - those window frames are in the picture and that is all there is to it.

Low deflection shots are the only mitigation you get.

Ok so I’m asking what tactics to use to try to mitigate the downside

I’m no Sim player, but I assume it plays similarly to Air RB, where you’re best off energy trapping your opponents. The amount of lead you need to give on deflection shots significantly reduces when you’ve got them going super slow.

Other than that, I dunno, use the force? The handful of Sim games I played, I also struggled with high lead deflection shots, only way I figured to deal with it is to track my target, guess the lead needed and pull into it. Wasn’t super successful, but I figured it would get better with more practice.


Get a trackIR (or what I call “poor man’s VR”)

It will let you move your head around a little as well as look around (using your physical head). It takes setup but it’s very intuitive.

Alternatively you can map keys to move your head around to change perspective (though that would be much more clunky).


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Use your 23s primarily, and prioritize getting behind your enemy in a long fight instead of snapshotting and trying to end the fight quickly.

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Lag pursuit is a game changer. Especially for planes with limited visibility.

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nature of the beast, get closer or get them slower.
Many aircraft suffer the same issue, it is just a common issue in air combat.
Avoid that kinda engagement and find an easier method depending on your current situation.

Attack from below is easier and gives better visibility.

The video above is a perfect explanation.

Move head, zoom in/ out, you can if you have nothing assigned to Zoom axis (air) adjust correction -20 and still be able to zoom in when needed